Utah Hiking ~ Cecret Lake Trail

Utah Hiking ~ Cecret Lake Trail

After my adventures,  I usually cannot wait to get back to my computer.  I am always so excited to share with you all, the details of my  the details of my discoveries, photos, and sometimes even my “Ooops!”  I look at my adventures, not just for myself, but for you also.  There is an incredible world out there, and the internet makes it possible for you all to see, virtually, what I see. I will admit, I have kept this adventure to myself, for a bit; savoring!

On October 9, 2016, I flew from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Salt Lake City, Utah, for training with a company called NOLS; National Outdoor Leadership School .  I have been an RN over 11 years, working in many areas, with my greatest love being ICU.  Being an RN qualified me to take a course called Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP) .

This is part of the Adams Canyon Trail.

I purposely scheduled in two extra days on my trip, to do just a bit of hiking, because, well, it is UTAH!!!! This photo is of the 1st hike of the week.  You can read here about hike #1.

I will forever consider myself blessed to have had a career of loving and caring for people.  However,  I had grown weary of the ins and outs of the industry itself, within the hospital. While I knew I was done working in the hospital, my heart still ached for two things:  to take care of people, and to be outside.  This course would allow me to do both! With this fueling my way, I was 100% into this training!  The week was intense, sometimes hard, and at times I wondered if this ole girl would pull it off.  Especially since it concluded with testing, which I 20161015_130257really struggle with!  I aced the written, and Lance, the instructor said “You rocked it!” when I did my practical!  It is hard to say what my most favorite part was, but 2 things stand out in my memory.  Being in a huge group of like-minded peers was a blast!  And there was the night hike!  I had never hiked at night before and I will be doing a lot more of that in the future! So, the week was a success, and I got my certification.  Plans are in the works to build on this, with my career, incorporating more adventures and travel!

Scenery driving towards Alta, in the Fall! Breath-taking!

So, what do you do with one last day of vacation, after an exhilarating, yet exhausting week?  You adventure, of course, even if your tired self says stay in bed.  It took very little time for the adrenaline that was stirred by what my eyes were seeing, to bring my body totally on board with my plan!  Knowing that I was actually exhausted, I looked for a hike that was as beautiful as it was easy.  Taking a suggestion from a classmate that lived locally, I headed for a hike in the Wasatch National Forest .  Just the scenic drive was enough to set my mind at ease and sail my spirits high!

I set my GPS to find 20161016_112710Cecret Lake Trail and it brought me right to the trail head. While this trail is not exactly a secret, as it usually gets a lot of traffic, it
was very pleasantly underpopulated this drizzly, and even sleet/snowy day.  I am sure the popularity is because of the ease of the trail, although there are a couple switchbacks at the top, that do require some scrambling.

Outdoor Gear
As I stepped out of my vehicle, I immediately felt the chill. Several deep breaths of the crisp and clean air filled my lungs.20161016_094646  The sound of the occasional sleet tapping my rain gear was soothing somehow. I was completely present in the wilderness, the climate, the scenery! It is so hard to slow my mind, but this place?  It surrounded me with such an awe, that it was impossible to do anything but just take it all in, and hike!  Not since my time in the White Tank Mountains, in Arizona, had I felt so “at home”!  As I began my climb of the short trail, life basically stood still in my little “happy place” on earth.  Sometimes words just really aren’t necessary so I will just end this post with a few more photos that don’t really do justice to the experience of hiking Cecret Lake Trail!

Clouds rolling in!
I can only imagine the wildlife that saw me as I explored their world.
Getting close to the visual reward of hiking Cecret Lake Trail.
A fantastic reward for hiking Cecret Lake Trail!

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