Tulsa Area Dog Boarding and Daycares

Fire hydrant outside of Camp Bow Wow!
***Facilities are not listed in any particular order other than order at which I got the information and post edited.  Facilities will be added as they are visited in each area of the country.  HWH assumes no responsibility other than simply stating facts that were found and given by each facility.Facilities Reviewed:
Camp Bow Wow
Woodland West Pet Resort

Tulsa Area Dog Boarding and Daycares

Kennel #1 – Camp Bow Wow in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Camp Bow Wow in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Address: 142 S. 147th East Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116

Phone #: (918)437-3647

Website: Camp Bow Wow

If every place of business has an assistant like Brennan, half the battle of being awesome is already won.  Amy, the owner of Camp Bow Wow in Tulsa, was not available the day I came to do my walk through.  I might add

that Amy being unavailable was not her fault.  I ended up having to change days on her.  It did not take long to know that Brennan totally had things under control!  The following is what I learned.

  • Staff to pet ratio is 1:25 in the yards and 1:15 in the facility.
  • New staff are trained by a certain person who teach them how to monitor the play yard, dog behavior, and facility cleaning protocol.  New staff also have a training manual that includes a check off list when skills are learned.
  • Camp Bow Wow does have insurance, in the unlikely event of injury.
  • Cameras are utilized and are accessible online and from a downloadable app.
  • Security is maintained by an 8 foot exterior fence with an extra foot of inverted fencing. An alarm system is in place and all doors have locks.  Owner can access all cameras on a cell phone and footage can be reviewed, if need be.
Teacup room, where the itty bitties hang out. This is in the front office area.
  • Staff goes home in the evenings.  “Dogs sleep better if there aren’t any disturbances.”  Classical music is played over night.
  • Facility is inspected once a year, by Camp Bow Wow corporate staff.  Tulsa franchise has “always received an A.”
  • Facility is sprayed once a month with “dog friendly products.”
  • Regular business hours are observed but there has been occasions where they have accommodate a different schedule.
  • All dogs in attendance are required to show proof of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.
Suite room.
  • Facility has heat and air conditioning.  When doors to outside have to be closed, dogs are given hourly potty breaks.  Pools are utilized during extreme heat.
  • Dogs are separated according to size.
Small – Medium dog “cabins”.
  • Schedule:

Weekdays:  6:15-6:30 is potty time
6:30-8:00 is breakfast
8:00-11:30 play time
11:30-1:00 lunch/nap
1:00-4:00 play time
4:00-5:30 dinner
5:30-6:45 play time
6:45-7:00 close up for the night
Weekends:  6:15-6:30 is potty time
6:30-8:00 is breakfast
8:00-9:45 play time
9:45-10:00 close up for a few hours
3:00-3:30 potty time
3:30-5:00 dinner
5:00-6:30 play time
6:30 close up for the night

  • Allocated pet areas

We have 3 indoor & 3 outdoor play yards.  10 small cabins, 40 medium cabins, 8 large cabins and 1 luxury suite.

Inside play area with access to outside except in poor weather.
  • New dogs get a free day of camp as a trial, to see if they are a good fit for daycare.  Also, if need be, we do give dogs a “time out” if they just need to settle down a bit.
  • Special diets are accommodated and medications can be administered.
  • Dogs can attend starting at 4 months old.  Senior dogs are welcome and staff will change up their play times, etc.,  if requested by owners.  Several blind dogs have attended with success.
  • All cabins have elevated beds.  Owners are welcome to bring blankets/pillows.
  • There are NO breed restrictions.
  • Owners can call for updates and Camp Bow Wow is getting ready to roll out their own app which will have individual updates, including pictures.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to add, Amy had this to say:  “We are an all inclusive facility.  We do not charge extra for play times, food, washing bedding, etc.  We LOVE what we do and LOVE making people happy.  Dogs are our life!  We will be offering training in the next few months.  My husband will be traveling to Colorado in September to get trained.  Everyone loves our webcams, it really sets us apart.”

Kennel #2 – Woodland West Pet Resort 

Woodland West Pet Resort

Address:  9380 S. Union Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132

Phone #:  (918)299-5720

Website:  Woodland West Pet Resort 

One cannot help but initially be impressed with the campus, when pulling up to Woodland West Pet Resort.  Being the lover of animals that I am, I was pretty giddy.  I couldn’t wait to see inside and check it all out!  I was greeted by Dr. Ross Clark, the founder, and his son Kent.  Before the start of the tour, we were joined by Abby, the trainer.  Here is what I learned:

  • Staff to dog ratio is 1:25 in daycare, 1:40 in boarding kennels, 1:15 in suites and special care areas.
  • New staff works with an experienced team member for a month.  Then new staff are given a written exam to verify that they have learned what is expected of them.  All management staff is certified by International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA)
OU Suite
  • Insurance is in place, in the unlikely event that dog is injured.
  • Security cameras are in place around the property.  All suites and daycares have individual an camera, and each kennel also has security cameras in place.
  • Property is routinely checked for any faults in fencing, etc.  There are locks on every kennel and there is a fire and alarm system in each building.  We also have a full time maintenance team that maintains everything year round.
OSU suite
  • Staff is on site from 5 a.m. – 12-1 a.m. with owners and a staff member living on the property.
  • When asked if there were any outside agencies that inspected facility, this was what was said: “Yes, we have approval from fire marshals, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, city of Glenpool police department, city of Sapulpa police department, certified with the IBPSA and the SPCA.
Courtyard Suite
  • Pest control is maintained by outside company, with treatments every 2 weeks, along with daily sanitation of kennels.  Use of mostly astro turf which eliminates breeding of insects and can also be disinfected daily.
More suites
  • Early and late times for drop off/pick up can be accommodated for a fee and appointment.
  • Proof of DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella has to be provided, with Bordetella being in the last 6 months.
Courtyard Suite
  • All kennels are climate controlled as is the indoor daycare area.  Misters and sprinklers are used in outdoor areas in the warmer months. Time is limited outside in extreme heat/cold.
  • In the daycare area, dogs are separated by size although temperament and/or behavior may allow a smaller dog to be in with the bigger dogs.
Lamborghini Room


  • Lamborghini Suite- 12×15 suite with a web camera and walked 4 times a day
    Luxury suites-  indoor room with 24hr web camera and 4 times a day out in a grass play yard and one time out around 10pm
    Indoor/outdoor runs- 4×5 indoor area with a dog door that leads to 4×8 outdoor patio. Grass play yard 2x a day and as many playtimes upon request.
    Indoor runs-  4×5 runs and taken out at least 3 times a day to a grass play yard.
  • In boarding side, dogs are taken out to grass play area at least 3 times a day, depending on weather.  In the small dog daycare, dogs go out to grass play area at least 5 times a day, depending on weather.  In the large dog daycare, majority of time is spent outside during good weather.  Rotated in and out during less than optimal weather.  Extra efforts are taken with brachycephalic breeds, not to leave in hot environment too long.  Individual needs of each dog are taken into consideration.
Inside kennel area.
  • Aggressive behaviors are NOT tolerate in our daycare areas.  Dogs are temperament tested prior to going to daycare and are on temperament watch for a month.  All dogs are also monitored on a daily basis.
Outside of kennels.
  • Special diets are accommodated and feeding schedule is up to the owner.
  • Special area designated for special needs dogs include 4 kennels.  Senior dogs receive more one on one attention.
Daycare play area for large dogs. New area will open after Labor Day 2017
  • Elevated beds can be provided.  Several different types of bedding are offered to keep dogs comfortable.
  • There are NO breed restrictions.
  • Owners can call and check on their dog(s) always.
Daycare play area for small dogs and for dog training.

When Kent was asked if there was anything else he would like to add, he had this to say:  “We will be opening our dog daycare park on Labor Day Weekend (2017)!  This will include a 13,000 square foot of astro turf, a walk-in beach pool with a life guard stand, and new day care park streaming camera.  We are a one-stop shop for pet service needs.  We offer boarding, grooming, dog training, daycare, pet pick-up/delivery, and we have a veterinary hospital right next door.  We are open from 7am – 8pm, 365 days a year, including holidays. We are on an 80 acre campus and also do horse boarding. Horse pastures are on 2-6 acre lots with a horse stall, electricity, and running water.”


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