Keeping Dog Poop At Bay! Yep! This Blog Has Gone To Crap!

Dog poop is the topic at hand!  Yes, that is what this post is about. Sometimes you just have to go there. GROSS; you might say! Well, NOT cleaning up your dog’s poop is exponentially “more GROSS”?! (I am sure that is not proper grammar.)
Let’s start with this reason why, which is probably the most important: 

BONE:  As with humans, canine feces is waste, which can carry organisms like Giardia, Salmonella, and E. Coli.  These organisms can be transmitted to other animals, and worse, humans.  If you think cleaning up dog poop is gross, wait until you see what comes out of your own body if you contract these organisms!  I am a Registered Nurse.  I can legitimately say GROSS!!!  In all seriousness, these can actually be fatal, in the worst case scenarios.

BONE:  Try and pick up dog poop before a known storm is coming through.                   Storm water can carry feces into water supplies.  Also, wet feces is difficult to pick up and even MORE gross.


C)  MONITORING DOGS POOP  You can tell so much about a                     dog’s health by it’s feces.  Keep dog poop picked up so that you                know when there is something that requires attention                                “happens”.

Knowing what comes out of your pet can be just as important, and informational, as knowing what goes in.  I could write a whole post on characteristics of feces, and indications.  Just know that normal is a firm, moist specimen. When you see something other than that, pay closer attention to what your dog is ingesting and how he/she is feeling.  Abnormal feces can simply be your fur baby ate something that upset their tummy, and will resolve on it’s own.  Abnormal feces can also indicate something worse, like disease or parasites.  If you note abnormal poop consistently, you may need to consult your vet.

D)  Clean play area! 

This is one of my best motivating reasons for keeping our yard free of poop!!  My pack is high energy, which means they are running and romping ALL the time!  I also enjoy going outside and playing with them.  No one wants to step in dog poop!  If left on the ground, they are, of course, running through the poop when they play, and that in turn, most likely tracks into my house! Say it with me:  GROSS!!!!

I use 3 things to clean my dog’s yard, and it is actually quite easy!  I use a a 5 gallon bucket that I line with a trash bag, and I use a “pooper scooper”.  I try to walk the yard and pick up at least every other day.

In the summer, this also makes mowing a much more pleasant experience.  (Pick up before you mow.) At least once a year, usually after the winter, I also run a rake across the dog’s yard, to get any residual droppings, and matted down grass from mowing and winter snow. 
Something To Chew On
:  Could it be that, by picking up, and handling a dog’s “markings”, that we reinforce ourselves as the pack leader?
Of course, for this to work, they would have to be outside with you when you are picking up their poop!  What do you think?  Truth, or am I full of ………  Well, let me close this post with one more suggestion.  Have an extra pooper scooper on hand, so when the motivation hits to get ‘er done, and then the current scooper breaks, you have a spare!  

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