PUP Cycles ~~~~~ Summertime Fun!

At our house, there are a lot of things to love about summer time, and making pup cycles is one of them!  AND, they are super easy, and is fun to give the dogs fun treats! 

Just like this short blog post, making these pup cycles is fast!

Start with these ingredients: 

Mix peanut butter and yogurt together; equal parts.

Fill pop cycle containers with mixture, and then place in the “stick”.  Oh!  And you can lick the bowl!  It is actually yummy! REALLY!

Place in freezer.  When frozen, and you are ready to give a treat,  just run the bottom under warm water, and gently lift the pup cycle from the tray, holding the stick close to the frozen mixture!  

And that’s all folks!

What treats do you like to make for your animals? No, not the human kids; the fur babies! ; )   

Would love comments and shares! 

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