Trekology Chair Review! ~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Hello Readers!  I am excited to share with you a new product I used this weekend!  I was needing a chair to carry along on my hikes, so I reached out to TREKOLOGY for an opportunity to review their product. The company has been a very pleasant company to work with, and was very responsive, and happy to collaborate. My Compact Portable Camping Chair with Adjustable Height  showed up very quickly, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The chair fit perfectly, strapped to the bottom of my pack.  Of course, if I were going to take this chair on an extended back packing trip, I would have to reconsider where to place it.  I discovered after putting it back on my pack, after this photo was taken, that there are slots on the chair bag that my pack straps run through, to give it an even more secure and balanced fit.  

Hendrix was curious about this new item I was playing with on our hike! 

Set up was extremely easy!!  I kind of giggled the first time, because it was like having a transformer in your hands.  It just kind of starts putting itself together, when you unstrap the frame.  It has a hinge design, like newer tent poles, which are made of aluminum alloy.  The legs are adjustable for a bit of flexibility in height of the chair.  After the couple minutes it takes to put the frame together, just attach the polyester seat, which holds up to 300 lbs.  It feels very secure and sturdy when sitting in it!

I like this chair very much.  With that said, I would love to see Trekology lighten the chair up some.  It weighs 2 lbs.  I am not sure I would take this chair on an extended back packing adventure.  I will, however, take it on my shorter hikes, which are almost all of mine, and camping, sporting events, back yard BBQs.  

Now to improve my “boot rest” options, as this just didn’t feel right!  And it was only tolerated 2.5 seconds! 

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