Greenleaf State Park ~ Where Are My Socks?!!

Greenleaf State Park

If you have read any of my other posts, you may have read about my attempts to complete a hike at Greenleaf State Park


in Braggs, Oklahoma. There is a particular bridge that I have repeatedly attempted to hike to.  It is not a difficult hike.  It is approximately 6 miles, and most of the terrain is easy to traverse.  Let’s try this again!

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Alpine Summit Trekking Poles ~~ Reviews by Rene’


Alpine Summit Trekking Poles

Imagine my excitement when I received a request to try out and review these Alpine Summit Trekking Poles, at the same time I was looking into getting a new pair!  When these poles arrived for me to use, I was in the middle of planning a trip to Utah, for some training, and a couple days of hiking!  SCORE!!

I have used these poles several times, since receiving them, and here is what I think about my newest favorite hiking stick; the ALPINE SUMMIT TREKKING POLES!

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Hiking Adams Canyon Trail in Utah

Hiking Adams Canyon Trail in Utah


Some days it is just hard, even to get out of bed!  One of the most intense weeks I’ve had in a long time, was a training that I did in Salt Lake City, Utah, in October.

I landed in SLC at 23:30, exhausted, because it was past my bedtime! LOL.  And, because I had been lugging around bulging luggage all day, with my hiking gear needed for my upcoming class and adventures!   Being in Utah, and knowing I only had 2 different days to do very little exploring, and hopefully hiking, I was up and at it by 7 a.m. the next morning.  Good Lord, where is the coffee?

This is the trailhead for Adams Canyon Trail.

Adams Canyon Trail was my choice of “torcher”, this early fall morning. Already feeling sluggish,  the trailhead was not very motivating.

Get a hold of those boot straps, and put one foot in front of the other!  We have all heard something like that before, right?  So, off I went. Up, up, and more up.  Trust me when I say, I was seriously second guessing my steadfast commitment to getting at least a small hike in today.  Seriously!!  Why do people start hikes off with 11-12 switchbacks?  I know it is the fastest way to climb, but I wasn’t enjoying them today!  😉   But you know what?

One of many switchbacks. Good news here is you can lean against the railings to catch your breath! ;0)
The colors and contrasts were so rewarding!

It  actually forced me to stop and take it all in!  Several times!  You know what else?  Every time I had to stop, I would look around, take sips of water, and just breathe.  I had to just slow down, and it was then that I realized, that was EXACTLY what I needed.  I needed to slow down my pace, and my mind!  I had been going a zillion mph, getting all the details in order, just to come to my training, and I almost missed one of the best parts of being there; BEING THERE! For the remainder of the hike, I was in 100%!  After the switchbacks, the terrain changed significantly.  I love it when it does that!

From that point on, the trail scenery changed several times.

Views like this excite me! What will I find?

I really enjoy trails like this, when it feels like I am going into an enchanted forest!  The trail is obvious, but there is no way to tell what is inside without actually going inside.

A spot like this on a trail, is where confidence is built, especially when hiking alone.  Traversing the unknown.


Success, change, accomplishment, etc…… These things don’t always come easy.  But at the end of the day, isn’t seeing views like this

Places like this heal my spirit and sooth my soul!

way better than feeling defeated at the end of a trip, or day, or year?  I went, I saw, and now I can share!!  I did not actually take the trail all the way up to what is suppose to be a fantastic waterfall, as I kept finding wonderful people to stop and talk to, and small waterfalls to just sit and listen to and photograph.  I saw several happy dogs and giggling children, and I came out of this hike feeling like a million bucks, and ready for my coming week of training!

If you would like to read about hike #2 while I was in Utah, you can do that here.

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