Alpine Summit Trekking Poles ~~ Reviews by Rene’


Alpine Summit Trekking Poles

Imagine my excitement when I received a request to try out and review these Alpine Summit Trekking Poles, at the same time I was looking into getting a new pair!  When these poles arrived for me to use, I was in the middle of planning a trip to Utah, for some training, and a couple days of hiking!  SCORE!!

I have used these poles several times, since receiving them, and here is what I think about my newest favorite hiking stick; the ALPINE SUMMIT TREKKING POLES!

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The very first thing that I noticed when taking the poles out of the box, was the light feel.  Being made of aluminum, they only

20161010_122719weigh 8.5 ounces.  When I am out hiking, I tend to have at least one pole in hand, most of the time, even when I may not need to.  Once I pull it off of my pack, I try not to keep taking it on and off.  Before this pole, sometimes my pole would get cumbersome, and almost heavy, to carry. The very first hike with this pole, I realized, that carrying it the whole hike is really no big deal.  I can barely even feel the weight.  This is awesome to me, as I don’t feel like I have to keep attaching it back onto my pack when not using, since it never gets uncomfortable to carry.

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While hiking in Utah, especially towards the top of the trail, it started 20161016_110324getting pretty cold.  The lever locks on these poles are an upgrade from my old poles, and I like them a lot.  Just flip open, adjust your poles, and flip closed.  Easy breezy, even when your fingers are cold.  The poles will adjust from 25.5″ to 53″.

The 20161008_125004grips are cork, which aide in sweat absorption. The hand straps are soft and wide, which makes them very comfortable. The hand straps are also adjustable so they will assist all sizes.  I have had the opportunity to try these poles on a lot of different terrains, and in a lot of different weather, and they really are very comfortable to use.

As for the strength and durability of these poles; I have hiked in snow, rain, sleet, rocks, rivers, dirt, gravel, etc., and they are still like brand new.

I highly recommend these poles to anyone!  They are comfo20161016_110244rtable and light enough for the unfit and/or elderly hiker.  They are also strong and light enough for the fit and seasoned hiker, who is going for the ultra light pack and equipment.

While I received the ALPINE SUMMIT TREKKING POLES   at no charge, for the purpose of my honest testing and reviewing, it has been a pleasure to use this product, and I encourage you to support this new and growing company.



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