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Have you heard about #ToyTossTuesday ?  If not, check out this post for an explanation of why I am promoting #ToyTossTuesday .  I am writing this post today, as the first toy highlight.  My favorite dog toys are 1) the ones that actually last more than 5 minutes and 2)  the ones that I find at a bargain!

This ball was a bargain I found at my all time favorite store to shop; ROSS!  The tag says Lima Bean fetch play love!  img_0766While I was able to locate other toys online by this brand, I actually was not able to find the exact ball.  Please comment below if you know where readers may find it, other than Ross.  If you have never shopped at Ross, they have different stuff all the time, and you never know what you will find there, or what is at one, but not at another.

When it comes to balls, Hendrix is usually not all that interested! This ball had his attention right off the bat!  I am not exactly sure what was img_0762so awesome about this particular ball, but Bonnie was quite surprised when Hendrix didn’t really even want to share with her.  Actually, so was I.

The ball is very colorful, with two solid handles for the dogs to be able to get a hold of without really having to dig their teeth into.  The handles are also easy to grab and throw with, for the human.   The dogs attention increased significantly when they pounced on it, and it let out a squeak.  I am img_0753guessing it is made out of some type of nylon.  Retail value shows a cost of $18.99, while I only had to pay $9.99 at Ross.

Most of the toys that I get the dogs, I just let them have continuously, but there are a few that I keep just for outside play with me.  One, it let’s them know that it is now play time with the img_0777human when I get them out.  Two,  it ensures that I actually have something to play with them with, when they need my attention. Hendrix loves this ball, but it will stay in the “special” basket, because I am pretty sure he would be able to chew it up easily.  I do think though, that with supervision, it is going to last for quite awhile!  img_0778

Get outside with those fur babies and have some fun! Play ’til they lay!

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2 thoughts on “#ToyTossTuesday Finds!”

  1. I just bought this ball for my dog who is a tough chewer. She destroys most toys in just minutes and is quickly bored. We love this toy and I wish that I had found it sooner! It seems indestructible and provides hours of fun for her. I also keep it put away after play time and she cannot wait until it’s time to get it out again. She loves jumping on it and making it squeak but it’s tough enough that she cannot destroy it to get the squeaker out. I’ve gotten her the “jollyball” in the past but she chews the handles off after a short time of play. I am amazed at the quality and durability of this toy! I would recommend this toy to any owner of a tough chewer! I also found this toy at Ross, for around $10. I couldn’t find the exact ball online but would love to have another stashed away in case something happens to this one in the future. You don’t come by tough, affordable, toys like this very often. Love it, love it! Thank you Lima Bean!

    1. Hello Beth! And thank you so much for your comment! I am sending a virtual high five to another fellow Ross shopper! 🙂 I am pretty confident that most of the people who were lucky enough to run across this gem are happy they spent the money! Maybe you and I will get lucky again!
      Happy playing with your girl!

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