A Few of My Favorite Things!

A Few of My Favorite Things

20161115_132332Can I assume the shopping has begun?  Who keeps track of how many days before Christmas?  I do not, but I do know that it is not very far away!  So, I thought maybe I would share some of my favorite things that I use on the trail, especially as the days get colder.  These are all reasonably priced items, that most could afford to give!

(Forgive me why I give a shameless plug here, to my own store, ClubSavage on Etsy.com!   You will find several items for gifts and stocking stuffers there!)

Okay, my first item might actually surprise you.  Or at least the brand; Calvin Klein.  That is not a name you usually hear floating around outdoorsy type content.  Surprise!  I just LOVE their “performance” line.  I have 20161115_132346a pair of their sweat pants that I love to bum around in.  I picked up both these jackets at my favorite store!  Who knows where?  If you guessed Ross, you are correct.  The yellow one cost me $23.00 and I don’t remember exactly how much the pink one was, but less.  They are 100% polyester and are the softest feeling fleece ever!  These jackets are so cozy and warm.  They can go in the washer and dryer, however, I don’t dry mine, and they stay like brand new for a very long time!

Under the jacket, and usually a t-shirt,  as a base layer, my favorite is this gem I picked up at Target.  It is a combination of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.  It is mildly snug as it is a compression shirt, (aides circulation) but feels great on, with a very soft feel against my skin.  It does a great job a20161115_132137lso,  of wicking 20161115_132131away moisture.  It also dries quicky when I take my jacket off.  This added feature at the neck is brilliant.  It is like mesh, so it cuts down on the wind but also lets out the moisture from my breath!

Speaking of the neck area, another item I like to wear is this neck gator. Another polyester blend with “fur” on the inside!
20161115_13195420161115_132011If I am getting too hot, I can just pull it up onto my head, or off and stuff it about anywhere.

Speaking o20161115_132930f gators, we should talk about these next!  I ordered these beauties off of Amazon for $14.00.  Super easy to get on and of20161115_132829f.  They have a boot strap to keep them down, and a cinch string at the top to keep them up.  They cover my whole calf and keep everything out of my boots!  They close in the back with velcro.

20161115_131925So, everyone shops at Walmart, right?!  $5.00!  Clearance rack. 77% nylon, 18% polyester, and 5% spandex.  They wick away moisture and they give my l20161115_131931egs and bum hugs the whole hike!  The hugs come from the way they put in the ribbing pattern.  Made by Avia, these are quality, especially for Walmart.

20161016_111004 So, if you are like me, you are fiddling with a million things when you are on an adventure; camera, dog leash, trekking poles, chap st20161016_111008ick, cell phone, etc…… These babies are a must for me!  They are so easy to manipulate, with my teeth even.  Don’t tell my dentist!  They also a20161016_111015re polyester so they are warm, but don’t hold moisture.  There is a velcro circle on the back to keep the tip from flopping around when I need to use my fingers.  I can even expose my thumb, if need be.   I picked these up at Target also.  I will encourage you, if you think you might like a pair like these, the fit is important.  Too tight, and you will have to take them off. Too loose, and they won’t stay put very well.  I think these were a little less than $20.00.

If you wanna help all of us with our gift giving, share comments below, with some of your reasonably priced, yet favorite items!  We can all use tips and advice!

* I did not receive any of these items for compensation for reviewing, and at the time of this post, I am not in any business relationship with any mentioned businesses.  These are simply my own personal opinions of items I have picked up here and there.


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