Hendrix Is Now A Subaru Dog!

Hendrix; a Subaru Dog!

Subaru Dog – So, we have made a fantastic upgrade in our adventure mobile! Hendrix is a 90 lb dog, and when we couldn’t “steal” the truck from the hubs,  Hendrix was sharing the back seat of a Ford Focus with Bonnie and Saity.  Needless to say, it was a bit cramped!  Now there is endless room, at least for the average adventures.

I, too, am “Subaru” excited about our new adventure mobile!

Every time I went down a less than perfect road, sometimes just to see “What is down there?”, I wondered if that was going to be the time I had to make the phone call and say, “Honey?”, and then explain why I just HAD to do it!  Some of you get that, right?  I really just have to go see sometimes.  You never know when there might be a chance for a shot like this:

img_1091Short post on purpose today!  No worries though!   This will certainly not be the last time you see my Subaru Outback, my Subaru dog, and more adventures!

Hendrix and I are looking for snow now!  But, we didn’t hesitate to enjoy the last parts of Fall on the 1st day of December! Yay for a Subaru dog!


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