Dog Mom Problems ~ I Have A Confession!


Dog Mom Problems ~ I Have a Confession!

While I consider myself a very qualified and fantastic pet owner, I also know that there is always room for improvement with everything.  What is my confession?!  

I let Hendrix The Hiking Dog get FAT!  Topping the scales at 97 lbs., it has become very obvious that we were going to have to change things up at home, when it comes to how we feed the dogs.  All 3 are in need of improved eating habits.

Now, before I misrepresent how I feed our dogs, let me point out that I am very mimg_1200uch against feeding unhealthy people food to our dogs.  If they get anything from off the table, it is after we are done eating and the table is cleared, and it is only items like baked chicken, or vegetables.  They never get “sweets” or fried food.  I am very picky about the treats that we feed our dogs, also.  I always pay attention to the ingredients, and more often than not, I make our own treats, so I know exactly what is in them.  Our dogs also only get one or two treats a day.

So, how did they get fat?

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Well, I have always free fed.  When the bowls are empty, I would just refill them with their dry dog food.  Honestly, Hendrix is the first dog I have owned that seriously over indulges!  This dog just LOVES to eat!

The plan?  With guidance from our vet, we are now on a feeding schedule, and we are feeding a ration twice a day, with 1-2 healthy treats a day.  We have also switched our kibble to a weight control kibble.

I have been a20161228_141329ble to start getting back on the trails a lot lately, so hopefully that will continue also, which of course, will help a lot with this new adventure!

This is a new journey for me, studying and learning about feeding my dogs differently.  Do you have ideas or suggestions to give to myself, and my readers??!! Please comment below and help us all out!!

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