DIY Dog Bed ~ Why Make The Effort?


Thanks for stopping by!  I have to say right up front that this is not the typical DIY project, in that the goal is not as much about creating the perfectly beautiful Pinterest worthy bed, as it is about finding a more economical way of to provide comfort for my 3 large dogs while not spending a week’s worth of paycheck.

 I am also hoping for a lot of response and engagement from you all, so we can perfect this DIY dog bed together, and all of us save a few pennies.  So, with all that said, let’s get to it.

The first thing on the supplies list are 2 pillows.  These were $4.00 a piece.


The next item is a fitted sheet.  This was fun because the patterns and colors are plentiful.  Cost: $5.00 a sheet.








Item #3 is a foam mattress pad.  This pad cost $10, which I cut in half, for a cost of $5.00 per dog bed.






So, if you are a fantastic seamstress, and especially if you have OCD tendencies, you might just want to scroll right past this next picture.  I will never claim to have a knack for sewing!

Outward Hound Dog Toys, Gear, and Feeders

Okay, take the two pillows and sew them together.  This will give them more stability, and help them not slip away from each other.  I sewed both the corners, and then about a 2 inch section in the middle.






Next I cut the mattress pad to the size of the pillows.  My next attempt, I will actually cut the pad to be just a bit smaller than the pillows.   I tried placing the pad on top of the pillows, but it seemed to work better to have the pad under the pillow.





Next, center the sheet on top of the pillows, and tuck the ends and sides under.  Then flip the pillows over.







Gather the sheet around the pillows and fasten with a safety pen.  I just used what I had, however, I will be getting actual diaper pins, to ensure they will stay fastened.









And…… DONE!

+ Low cost

+ Easy to clean

+ A lot of different color options20170117_133838

+  Easy to make

Let’s chat!  What do you all think?  Is there a way to improve on this version without driving up the cost or making it a lot more difficult to accomplish?  Maybe using a flat sheet instead of a fitted?

Do you have your CPR card?  If not, you should!


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