The Story of Hendrix The Hiking Dog ~ My Soul Dog!

1379883_1374598889480964_2077157691_nHENDRIX THE HIKING DOG – When Hendrix was a puppy, I must have said it a million times!  Look at those ears!  When I look at pictures of Hendrix as a puppy, I of course am taken back to how adorable he was; at least to me.   But, it also takes me back to a time of transformation for me! A time when my heart was being changed, and healed!

I had grown up with dogs my whole life.  We had cattle dogs for the barn.  We had outside dogs to protect the house and play tug of war with.  We had inside purebred show dogs that we bred and showed on the AKC circuit.  Dogs were always everywhere.  As a child, I can not remember a time that there was not ample healing licks and kisses, tail wags, and play times readily available for the taking.

While raising my own family, we always had at least one dog in the house.  I raised 5 children, and I cared for other children as my job, at the time.  There were always children everywhere, and there was always a dog around, to lend a paw to anyone who needed some extra love and kisses.

When Hen came into my life, I was actually without a dog!  My life had been in a constant state of change, including all the kids moving into adulthood, and extensive traveling as an RN.  When life started slowing down a bit I found myself single, kids grown, a steady job, and a big ole empty place in my heart.

I saw a picture of Hendrix on Facebook!  It was a post that was shared on a friend’s page.   I was living with a friend of m1798529_1374598916147628_1980528234_nine, and her then 2 year old son.  Several weeks before I saw Hen’s picture,  I had mentioned, just in passing, that I would love to get a dog.  Seeing the reservation on my friend’s face, I just kind of let it go.  But, what could it hurt to just ask about him, right?

Hen was part of a litter that had been found wandering in Phoenix, picked up, and taken to a kill shelter.   The day before they were all to be put down, they were rescued, and placed into a foster home.  Shortly after being placed in the foster home, the litter came down with parvovirus, which was not a surprise, since it is common in unvaccinated dogs on the streets in urban areas.  It was a huge surprise to their foster mom, as she was headed out of town, but had pulled the pups anyway, so they would live. Only by the generosity of several nurse friends, did the litter survive. I was told Hendrix and his brother were the sickest of the litter.  I had to at least go meet him, right?

When I wen1662608_1374599076147612_347424976_nt to meet him,  the connection in my heart was immediate.  But…… he had an appointment to do a “meet and greet” with someone else.  My heart just sunk!  I tried to bond with the other pups, but it just wasn’t there.  So, I went home.  And then I got the phone call.  Apparently the meet and greet did not evolve into a good fit.  “Would you like to set up a trial period?”  YES!  Can you bring him to me now?  Hendrix has been my soul dog from that day forward!

There have been many things happen in my life that have required great effort to get past and over.

5513_1374598939480959_742771420_nI will forever believe that I owe the healing of my heart and soul to this canine.   On days when I did not want to get over anything, including a boulder or a creek, I would get this face!  And to the mountains we would go!  With each mountain and trail we conquered,  my heart would feel stronger and more whole.
1002643_1374598982814288_57132936_nAnd every time I thought I was good, and would rather just stay in my pajamas, I would get this face.  And, again, to the mountains we would go!  This process happened over and over again, until my life was healed and my love for hiking and adventures was almost as much a part of my life as breathing.

Life has been well …….. life; since Hendrix came into it, but to this day, he never fails me!  When I take this dog, and hit the trails, there has yet to be anything that I cannot get through!

Do you have a story to tell about your soul dog?  I look forward to reading your comments!



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18 thoughts on “The Story of Hendrix The Hiking Dog ~ My Soul Dog!”

    1. Thanks so much! I was actually on the wrong side of the fence on pit bull issues so I am forever blessed by accepting the connection! Hendrix is actual not pit bull, as I learned later, but he changed my heart for the better, forever!!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! He actually grew into those ears with a big ole head, but sure is fun to look back at them!

  1. Oh my gosh, he’s adorbs! I have to ask, have you done a DNA test on him? He kind of looks like APBT and Boxer? Like my girl Zue. Love the ears! Yes, I found my soulfurmates in both of my babies. I can’t imagine life without them.

    Thanks for sharing your cutie with us!

    1. Hello! I actually have not tested Hen but his litter mate was tested and fits Hen to a t, even though I know there can be more than 1 sire per litter. Akita and American Staffshire. He is so much like an Akita; coat, temperament, loyalty. With a big ole Staffy head! He totally grew into his ears! Now Bonnie is pittie/boxer mix.

  2. Aww, such a cute story! I love how when you meet the right dog, whether you’re really looking for one or not, you just KNOW in your heart that “This is my dog!” So glad you found YOUR dog and get to share so many awesome adventures together. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you found each other! We had a similar story. I went to an event for another dog who I never actually met when I met Luna. I wasn’t planning to actually adopt that day so we went home, but I knew it was meant to be. We went back the next weekend, but she already had another application in! I was so stressed, but luckily the rescue picked us!

    1. I have had many, many dogs through the years, but every once in awhile, THAT kind of dog comes into your life. Glad you have Luna, also!

  4. Aww, Hendrix is such a sweet-looking dog. I can tell from his pictures that he has a great disposition. How wonderful that he came into your life (and you into his), at just the right time. You both had healing to do and the timing was perfect. I’m so happy you found your soul dog. Peace

    1. Perfect timing! And he really does have a great disposition. He is definitely the leader of the pack, but a very calm and laid back dog.

  5. Its funny how dogs choose us, we got an English Bulldog for my husband and then a French Bulldog for me – but the English Bulldog has a thing for me and me for her – and the French Bulldog loves her daddy so much – the dogs choose us not the other way round !

    1. If I could have a million dogs I would definitely have a Bulldog and a Frenchie! There is an English Bulldog right down the street that is just sitting out front a lot and he is BEAUTIFUL! If I didn’t already have 3, I would stop and chat because I am pretty sure the big guy is choosing me every time I drive by! LOL!!

    1. I was beyond excited when I got the call. His foster mom was like, do you want me to run by with him on Monday? NO! NOW PLEASE! 🙂

  6. What a great story, he is adorable, and I understand the feeling of not wanting to do anything and then seeing that happy smiley face and off you go, I live in the city so when Layla pulls those faces on me we adventure to different dog parks, she is my soul mate and keeps me stepping out of the bubble all the time

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