Paracord Dog Collars ~ Are They Right For Your Dog?

20170129_094913I will admit right at the beginning of this post that yes, I do make and sell custom paracord dog collars.  Doing so is one of the ways I fund our adventures.  I have some fantastic adventures planned for the spring and summer, to share with you all!  But this post is more than just an advertisement.  I want to tell you why I REALLY DO LOVE PARACORD DOG COLLARS.

 I use them on all 3 of my dogs.  I have several for each dog.

It is so disappointing to spend hard earned money on an item, only to have to replace it, for one reason or another, shortly after purchasing it.  I imagine we all have a pile of dog and/or adventure gear that just sits around because it does not p20170129_094804erform as expected.

My first favorite thing about paracord is that is lasts, and lasts, and lasts!  It really is that strong.  While I have never tested it, the paracord I use claims to be able to hold up to 550 lbs.

The second thing that I like about paracord is that it is water resistant which means it will not rot or mildew, and it dries super fast.  This is fantastic for adventure dogs!  I cannot even express how muc20170129_094959h Hendrix REALLY likes water!  An adventure dog is out in the elements all the time, and having on a collar that resists the elements is a must for us!  At the end of a day of adventure, I can take off the collars, and they will be dry and ready to go again the next day.

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3) Paracord holds it shape.

4) Paracord is very light weight.

5) Paracord has a high qu20170129_111036ality feel to it and seems comfortable for  the dogs.

6) Paracord can be woven onto chains or buckles.  (Chains are stronger, for the exceptionally strong dog.)

7) In the event of an emergency, the paracord can be used in several different ways.

While not the most important thing about paracord dog collars, and it has no barring on functionality, it is probably the most fun!!  COLORS AND PATTERNS ARE ENDLESS!!!


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