Solo Adventures And Hikes ~ No I Am Not Afraid

Solo Adventures and Hikes –  No, I am not afraid.  In this post, I would like to expand on that answer a bit more.  However, to give a full disclosure answer, I will have to take you back a few years. (Okay!  A lot of years!)

*Disclaimer – This post is going to contain some content that might be hard to read, and may solicit difficult emotional responses.

I knew when I started blogging several years ago, at some point, I would need to share the darker parts of my story, in order to serve my purpose of blogging in the first place; inspire and motivate.  While growing up, life was not a pretty picture.  Alcoholism and drug addiction was rampant with the men in the family.  Physical and sexual abuse was a result of the addictions, and choices, made by the men.  Some of those nights, as a young girl?  Yes, I was afraid.

As I came into my teenage years, the men in my life had managed to get a handle on their addictions, and abusive behaviors.   However, while the adults were enjoying their new found “normal” life;  I was pretty much left to do as I pleased.  I was at a loss as to how to grow into a classy and quality young lady.  I made poor choices in who I trusted with my heart, my virginity, my safety, and my future.  While my sweet mother was willing to talk about pretty much anything, after witnessing the horrors she endured in earlier years, I never wanted to disappoint her.  So, I kept my struggles to myself.

Since life waits for no one, I did grow into a young woman, regardless of lacking the skills to adult well.  By 25 years old, I was married with 3 children, headed for a divorce.  By 35 years old, I was remarried with 5 children, headed for a divorce.  Out of respect for my grown children, I will steer clear of the gory details of my married life with their father’s.  I am also a firm believer that:


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It was at this point in my life, when I began learning to take control of my life, instead of letting it continue to drag me wherever other’s wanted to take me.  At this point in life I finally started fighting for me; motivated by wanting so much more for my kids.  One of the best parenting concepts a friend taught me was this:

BONE:  YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TEACH YOUR KIDS SO MUCH MORE BY EXAMPLE THAN WITH WORDS.  Repeating that concept in my brain over and over helped me, immensely, get through nursing school while being a single parent with 5 kids.

Finding my way through nursing school gave me the most amazing career of loving people, and so much more.  It gave me the proof I needed that I could do anything I really REALLY wanted to do, especially if I was willing to put out the effort.  It taught me that:


When my youngest grew up and moved out, my nursing career allowed me to work on cruise ships, working with people from all over the world.  I don’t think that I can put into words how much I learned from sharing all day, every single day with people from all parts of the world.  Beyond amazing and enriching.

So, I share ALL of this to be able to completely answer the continual asking of the question, “Are you not afraid to adventure alone?”  My answer is no, when I compare adventuring alone to things that really scare me, like……. NOT going.  It would scare me to sit on the couch, afraid not to try to live and experience life.  It would scare me to NOT be an example to my daughter and my granddaughter, and anyone else who has an eye on me.  I want to be an example to my family, and people who come across my blog, to GO FOR IT!

I was a scared little girl, but now I am a bad ass who adventures alone! : 0 )

Of course, I would rather not see, or get bit by a snake.  I would definitely rather not have to defend myself against a bear, big cat, or a POS.  But, there are dangerous things everywhere; not just on a dirt trail headed up the side of a mountain, where the views are incredible and the air is so clean!

Hiking trails keep me mentally healthy, and they feel safer than the parking lot at the mall!


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2 thoughts on “Solo Adventures And Hikes ~ No I Am Not Afraid”

  1. Hiking and being in nature can help us overcome a lot of our past or what is troubling us. In my case, I go alone often because I won’t (can’t) wait until I can find a friend who wants to go where I want to go when I can go. I actually prefer to hike alone because it’s on my schedule and I can spend as much or little time as I want without feeling pressured.

    1. Hello Jessica! I agree whole heartedly! While a lot of people always say they want to hike, at least in my area, it rarely is followed by someone actually going. I also have a significant benefit of being able to go during the week, usually. While that is fantastic for myself and my dogs, as the trails are usually without many hikers, it does make it hard for others to join. 90% of the time, I am A okay with that! 🙂

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