Car Camping Adventures Are A Learning Process!

Car camping adventures continue!  I learn more every time I go; about what works well, and what does not!  If you haven’t read my first post on this topic, you can read that here.  This post will be mostly about

specific items that are a must and one I definitely need to improve on.  As always, please leave your comments and suggestions below, after reading, as we can all help each other perfect this car camping FUN!

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While everybody will have their own “must haves” when on car camping adventures,  I find it helpful see what others find useful so, in no particular order of importance, here are a few of mine.

A stiff hand broom!  The softer ones tend to get “yucky” and does not last as long.  A lot of times, when you get to a camp site, the tables have all kinds of stuff on them; sticks, bugs, food crumbs, etc.  This handy little tool cleans off almost anything!  The camp grills usually have a small shelf area around them that need to be swept off also.  Another great use for this tool is, when I am ready to make the back of the Ru into my bed, I sweep out the back to remove anything that has accumulated during the day.  Having this hand-held broom makes cleaning a lot easier than using a full-sized broom. While being on car camping adventures get dirty, there are still parts of the experience that can be eliminated, to make the fun even more fun!  Bring a broom! 🙂

The next item to ALWAYS remember to have with you on adventures, are trash bags.  You will have trash, and there is always trash that others have left behind, that you can pick up.  Yes, I think people who leave their trash behind are jerks, but I love

the land more, so I pick up what I can.  I am learning also, to throw away as much as I can, BEFORE I go, so that makes “Leave No Trace” practices easier.  Unwrap new items, etc. before you go.   I seem to actually only be bringing out of my adventures, a Wal-Mart bag, or two, of trash when I go, but will always have the big bags, just in case.  In a crunch, a plastic bag can also be worn as a make shift rain jacket.

This next item would seem to be so obvious, but I have definitely forgotten it before.  On this particular trip, I had not realized how low on fuel it was, and it stopped working after one or two clicks.  I was fortunate that I also had some matches, but they struggled to work the next morning, as the night air had moistened them a bit.  Take home here?  Have more than one source of fire starter, and keep matches in air tight containers.

The next MUST HAVE for myself, as I always have at least one of my dogs with me, is a dog cable!!  While my dogs are lose a lot at camp, there are times that I am busy, and cannot keep an eye on them.  Campers usually do NOT want a visit from my dogs, nor do they want my dogs coming up and intruding on their dog’s space.

Nor should I be letting them chase the area critters.  So, when I am busy or distracted, the dogs go on a cable.  This is a heavy-duty, nearly impossible for them to break capable.  Use as strong and big capable as your dog can tolerate being attached to their collar.  The extra weight keeps their attention, and helps them to not fight the cable as much when they are wanting to go on a solo adventure.  If you have the option, tying a strong string between two trees, up high, and then connecting one end of the cable to that, gives your dog more freedom, and cuts down on the dog getting all tangled up.

Remember, my goal is to keep the camping side of my adventures simple, right?  When it comes to meal and coffee prep, I just love a small “stove”.  I want something easy to pack, and I want to be able to backpack with it also.  With that said, I do not actually like this set up.  While the stove itself is light, and easy to set up, the fuel is a hassle.  The lid is difficult to get off, if it gets any moisture from condensation, it won’t burn, and it does not get hot enough, to boil the water.  Even heating the water to “hot” takes way too long.  I believe I am going to get this, or something similar, to try.  And I love the idea of not having to buy/carry any fuel, and always having a way to at least heat up water, from sticks and kindling around the camp site, or trail.

Speaking of keeping things simple!  Check out my review here, on this next item; Paleo Meals To Go!  While I am looking into a more cost affective way to have freeze-dried, or dehydrated meals, these meals are a great way to have delicious and nutritious meals at camp, or backpacking!

Paleo Meals To Go

Welp!  That’s it for this post!  As I continue to perfect my car camping adventures and simplify, I will continue to share what I am learning!  Again, please leave comments below, with your ideas, suggestions, and things that you have learned!


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