Dog Shampoo For Dogs With Allergies!

Oatmeal Bath Soak

Homemade Dog Shampoo 

Dog shampoo for dogs with allergies is a must at my house!  Hendrix has severe allergies, and along with the care and suggestions from his vet, a great bathing regimen is critical.  With all natural and essential oils being all the craze, I thought I would give it a go!

Here are the ingredients for part one:

Oatmeal, Coconut Oil, and Baking Soda
    1.   3 Cups Oatmeal – cleans and soothes
    2.   1/2 Cup Coconut Oil –  soothes and conditions
    3.   1.5 Cups Baking Soda – cleans, deodorizers, neutralizes                           skin ph, and helps with flea control, if you have them
    4. UPDATE: 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil is too much. Hendrix is very oily today. Try 2-3 Tableapoons

I used my Ninja to make the oatmeal into powder.  Then mixed the powdered oatmeal and baking soda together.  At this point, I added in 12 Cups warm water and the coconut oil.  Because the coconut oil was not blending as well as I wanted, I poured mixture back into the Ninja.  TAKE NOTE:  Blending baking soda can make for a real mess! When I make my next batch, I will simply melt the coconut oil before mixing it.

Homemade Dog Shampoo

After these 3 ingredients, with the water, were well blended, I poured them into an empty Lipton Tea bottle!  Whatever bottle you use, be sure to leave enough room to agitate the bottle before each use.  Ingredients will separate and require remixing with each use.  At this point, you can actually use this homemade dog shampoo and your dog will come out clean and comforted.  Because I am learning, and loving, all about oils, I wanted to use them in the shampoo also.


Here are the ingredients for part 2:

Lemon, Tea Tree, and Peppermint Oil
      1.  Lemon Oil – cleansing with antibacterial and anti-fungal                                                  properties
      2.   Tea Tree Oil – antiseptic, fights infections, and aides in wound                                         healing
      3.   Peppermint – antimicrobial, calming, smells great

I placed 20 drops of each oil into the dog shampoo mixture.

I want to note that there is endless amounts of information related to oils, on the web.  It is best to do your own research and decide for yourself what it the best brands and mixtures for your household.  While I have only listed a few benefits of above oils, there are many more.

When ready to bathe your dog,  wet your dog’s fur with warm water, and then saturate fur with your homemade dog shampoo.  Be sure to work all the way through the fur, and onto the skin.  Scrub dog to loosen any dirt, and to be sure shampoo has covered all areas.  This will not lather up like commercial shampoos but that is irrelevant.  Let your dog soak in the mixture for several minutes.  With Hendrix, this is super easy, as he loves baths.  As you can see from the first picture, he actually just laid down in the bathtub, which soaked all of his underbelly also; the most affected area for him.  After soaking time is up, thoroughly rinse dog with warm water.

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Side note:  It is completely acceptable to bathe dog outside, with cold water.  I love being able to bathe the dogs outside in the summer.  No where near the mess.  However, with this particular bath, I prefer warmer water for better distribution of the oils, and I want Hendrix to really soak his fur and skin.  This is accommodated best in a bathtub of warm water.  Also, this is large batch of dog shampoo.  I have 3 large dogs, so it will go faster.  If you have a smaller dog, or just one, you may want to make a smaller batch.

Post bath nap – So calm and relaxed

What dog shampoos do you like?  Do you have a homemade recipe that you feel works well?  Please share your comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Dog Shampoo For Dogs With Allergies!”

  1. I didn’t reduce the coconut oil and now Bailey is very oily. She will be getting another bath real soon. I’ll have to make another batch. But this recipe makes more than I want to keep around so I’m going to cut it into quarters.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have actually wondered if freezing half of a large batch would work, and just pull out when needed. I will try that the next batch I make and update with the results.

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