Bathtub Rock Falls in J. T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve

Bathtub Rock Falls

Bathtub Rock Falls – Have I ever mentioned that I love to explore?  No secret there, huh?  Today was no exception.  I headed towards Tahlequah, Oklahoma, to check out this little local’s favorite.  Bathtub Rock Falls is located

in the J. T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve.  This is a 17,000 acres of beautiful and “is the largest privately protected conservation area in the Ozarks.”  Great things are happening at this preserve.  You can read more about it here.

While there is definitely hiking in this area, today was more about just being outside and letting the dogs enjoy the water, and freedom. I was also testing a home-made mosquito/bug repellent this day, and I wanted to hang close to an environment that I felt most likely would have mosquitos.  You can read about my home-made repellent here.

I really do love other humans but, today’s time at Bathtub Rock Falls was extra fun, because we had it all to ourselves!  I am sure as the temperatures heat up, this place sees a lot of traffic, as there are bodies of water that are deep enough to actually completely submerge in.  I am pretty sure the Bathtub Rock Falls are spring fed, so the water will stay cool year round.

There is a trail that runs along side of the Bathtub Rock Falls and is very easy to find.  While we did venture down this trail a bit, we spent most of our time here, just listening to the water running over the smooth rocks and falling into the waters below.  (The water falling.  I didn’t fall into the water. 🙂  I find the sounds of running water in the wilderness to be one of the most cleansing and clearing tools of one’s mind.

BONE:  If you have some issues to work through in your heart and mind, I encourage you to find a waterfall, and just sit beside it.  Let the sounds drown out all negative thoughts.  Breathe in the smells of positive thoughts.  Feel the misty calming of nature.   

While Bathtub Rock Falls does not offer a big ticketed draw, it will definitely offer peace and pleasure!  Where is your favorite place to sit and enjoy nature, and all it’s amazingness?

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6 thoughts on “Bathtub Rock Falls in J. T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve”

    1. Hello!

      It was not closed when I was there. I know we have had a ton of rain, with a lot of damage to a lot of areas from the powerful waters rushing though. If I find anymore information, I will try to let you know here.

  1. We went there today and had a great time. The headquarters building is CLOSED, but the trails and creek are open. Although hiking is fine and dandy, you can drive right up to it. A lot of articles fail to mention that.

      1. Oh yes and there were 2 areas deep enough for us to swim in. Crystal clear water! Glad I stumbled onto your article! We come every summer to float the river and had never even heard of this place.

        1. Well, that is awesome that I could help ya out, and even more awesome that you had a great time! Thanks so much for letting me know!!

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