Spring Creek In Oklahoma ~ Spring Fed With Pristine Waters

A Dog, A Spring Fed River, and A Sunset – That’s A Rap!

Spring Creek – When it comes to bodies of water, there is one “on every corner” in Oklahoma.  However, a lot of these bodies of water can be less than clear.  Spring Creek was definitely a fun find!

Being a week day evening after work, there was not a lot of time to adventure, so we decided to just “settle” for a little spot my hubs had read about online.  We chose this place simply because it was close to the house.  The hubs wanted to fish, so I decided to bring just Lady Bonnie, to do some one on one training.

Spring Creek is a 34 mile spring fed river that runs through public and private property.  There are several places to access the river.  We accessed the river in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.  Just before getting to the river we found this adorable little

Pokey’s Bait, Tackle, and Grocery Store

bait, tackle, and grocery store called Pokey’s.  It has been there for 10 years, and also had a nice collection of arrowheads that have been found in the area.  There was a significant amount of chickens and rabbits that I am assuming are for sale.  The lady working this day was very friendly!

This area of the river has a boat ramp to access the river, and primitive camping as an option.  While there was only one family tent camping when we were there, I suspect this small area fills up fast on the weekends, holidays, and summer time.  The banks to Spring Creek go on and on.  While only Bonnie spent any time in the water, I cannot wait to go back with the paddle board and enjoy playing in this clear and calm waters.  As for the fishing, the hubs only fished for about an hour, and he caught a sand bass and a crappie.  The one that completely bent the pole over got away, but we will be back!

As for hiking and places to work with the dogs, besides the swimming, I found tons of areas like in this picture that we could have gone on for a long time.

Lady Bonnie Loves Her Freedom!

It was a great place to work with Bonnie on her recall and other commands, as the “road” curved back and forth so Bonnie was in and out of sight.  She did awesome, and came back when called every single time!  She is getting better and better at choosing to follow my commands, instead of her prey drive and intense curiosity!

I am sure I will be sharing a lot more pictures of this little close to home gem this summer!  Thanks for reading, and I just love comments and shares!

Lady Bonnie; The Beauty
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