Paddle Boarding With Hendrix – A Few Of My Favorite Things

Paddle Boarding With Hendrix – If you know much about Hendrix The Hiking Dog, you know that he is obsessed with water!  If there is even a small puddle of water, he is going to try to get in it.  That is one reason we are very excited about temperatures warming up and paddle boarding season is here!  This spring has presented us with a couple more reasons for being excited about paddle boarding season;

severe allergies and a possible diagnosis of arthritis from Hendrix’s vet.  Cool water is soothing to itchy skin and also helps reduce inflammation around joints.  Swimming is also a great exercise for dogs that suffer arthritis because it is low stress on joints.  So, we will be spending even more time swimming and paddling around in as many bodies of water we can get to this spring and summer.

Safety first, right?  I am not a fan of waist belts for a life saving device.  While the concept seems a great option for paddle boarding, I can’t help but worry about the unlikely chance of being knocked unconscious, in the event of something going horribly wrong.  If I am unconscious, I will not be able to pull the cord to inflate the waist belt floatation option.  I did, however, struggle with the

ONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports Life Vest

traditional life vest when I first started paddle boarding.  They were bulky under the arm area, and made it challenging and uncomfortable to paddle.  I found myself wanting to take off that type of vest, for ease of paddling and to just feel more free.  Once I purchased this Onyx life vest, made specifically for paddle boarding, my comfort and confidence on the water increased significantly.  I also like bright colors when I adventure, as it increases my visibility.  You can click this affiliate link and purchase this vest here.

While Hendrix is just swimming out to fetch toys or sticks, I don’t normal have a vest on him.  I do, however, choose to always have a vest on him, while paddle boarding.  Most times, we are in deep waters.  While Hendrix is a fantastic swimmer, if there were ever a reason that he would have to swim back to the shore line, I want him to have the added protection.  It would be

Outward Hound Life Vest For Hendrix

impossible for me to hold his 95 lb self, and swim us both back to shore.  Hendrix will also swim himself to exhaustion, and I just feel better about him having his own floatation device while paddle boarding.  This Outward Hound life vest is my third purchase from this company, and they have never disappointed.  I love how this vest has a full neoprene underbelly for what I am assuming is very comfortable, and keeps the vest snug and in place.  There are two handles for easy rescue and the color is, again, great for high visibility.  You can click this affiliate link and purchase this vest here.

When Hendrix and I are out enjoying the water, we like to take breaks, and just sit and enjoy being outdoors, and around the water.  I love this Trekology chair.  It is ultra light and compact and

Trekology Portable Camping Chair

incredibly easy to set up.  The height is adjustable and can hold up to 300 lbs.  I leave this handy little chair in my car all the time and use it for just about everything, including hiking.  You can ….. Yep!  You guessed it.  Click this affiliate link here, to purchase this chair.


When I take Hendrix to the lake or river, we spend a lot of time playing fetch with sticks.  This year I have been trying out a couple of actual toys, and they are a blast to have with us on paddle boarding days!  The Kurgo Skipping Stones actually skip across the water and all the dogs enjoy going in after them.  They are a little small so sometimes Hendrix has to search for them, which makes it a little

Kurgo Skipping Stones

more fun for him.  If he missed them, it is super easy for me to just paddle out and retrieve them.  Here is my affiliate link if you would like to get some for your dogs.

I think I may love the Kong training dummy toy even more than Hendrix.  Whenever I throw a stick for Hendrix to retrieve, he will never bring it all the way out of the water.  So, to continue playing I have to either go into the water to get the stick, or find another

Kong Training Dummy Toy

stick.  I received this toy as a gift, and I was hesitant to use it until I knew the water was warm enough that I would be willing to get in and retrieve it, if Hendrix did not bring it back.  My worries were unnecessary as Hendrix LOVES this toy, and brought it back in every single time.  He didn’t want me to put it away when I was done playing.   Of course, there is an affiliate link here, for this item also. 🙂

My last item to highlight for my paddle boarding fun is, of course, my paddle board.  Being new to paddle boarding last summer, I just did the best I could with researching and purchased this Wakooda paddle board.  Since I don’t have any experience with any other boards, I can only say that so far, I really like this board.  It is an inflatable paddle board, and I have been using a hand pump to inflate and deflate the board.  I will definitely be upgrading to an electric pump,

Wakooda Paddle Board

as doing it by hand is a bit exhausting.  I love the concept of being able to deflate and take my board anywhere, even on a plane.  With that said, I am considering a regular board in the near future, to compare.  If transporting a regular board is reasonable, I will most likely save the inflatable board for traveling, as the inflating/deflating is definitely a bit of a hassle.  Which ever board you choose, be sure it comes with a leash so if you fall off the board won’t get away from you.  Here is an affiliate link to several paddle boarding options.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite paddle boarding options.  Feel free to share some of your favorite items in the comment section below.

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