Paddle Boarding With “Training Wheels”

All set for a lot of fun!

Paddle Boarding With Training Wheels – Are you a seasoned paddle boarder, who gracefully glides across the water with the greatest of ease?!  Then this post may not be for you, unless you like a good laugh! 🙂  The first time I tried  paddle boarding, I was at a lake in AZ, a few years ago.  Everyone always says how “easy” it is, so

I wasn’t really that concerned about how it would go.  The error of my thinking started to reveal itself when the guy at the rental shop told me to JUST step off the dock onto the board and “just start paddling”!  I managed to stay on top of the board the entire time, and I actually had a really great time, BUT ……. for me, it was not easy, and I am sure it wasn’t pretty!  I have a bitter-sweet relationship with water.  I am mesmerized by it; the sound, the feel, and the movement.  I am also scared to death of it; not knowing what lies beneath.  I was so tense that I kept having to remind myself to unlock my knees, and the bottoms of my feet were burning from being so tense.  My knees and feet were hurting so much that first outing, I could barely concentrate on how to make the board go where I wanted.  Yes, I had to redirect my board several times.  My friend and my daughter had a lot of laughs that day.  Call me crazy, but, I was addicted to paddle boarding from that day on.

Last summer I bought my own paddle board.  While I took the board out several times, I probably only stood up and paddled a couple of times.  I kept telling myself it was because I was too busy “teaching” Hendrix and Bonnie how to ride.  They actually needed very little training.  The truth is, I totally sucked at it!  Yes, I took that board out every chance I got, and the dogs loved it, but I was on my knees, or butt, 95% of the time.  Wobbly bobbling like a fish out of water is what happened the few times I tried to stand.  My husband, who is always 100% supportive of my craziness, and was trying to fix my frustration, bought me this!

Airhead Super Stand Up Paddle Board Training Wheels

😲😂😄  Yes, my friends, there is such a thing as training wheels to assist in paddle boarding!  I, however, am stubborn, and I refused to use them last year.  I felt like this was simply a mind game and forcing myself to relax would fix this little bump in the water!  So, they sat in their box for a whole year!

When this year presented with the exact same problem; being a chicken to stand up for very long, I, somewhat humbly, admitted to the hubs that it was time to break out the training wheels!  I really, really want to be successful at this sport, and sharing it with my dogs!  I have so many places that I want to do this super fun thing called paddle boarding!

When I took the training wheels out of the box, I was a little intimidated by yet another thing to air up.  Another

Training wheels blown up and ready to place on the board.

unnecessary concern.  Both sides were aired up in a few minutes, by yours truly! There are valves on both sides and each valve is a double valve, for two ways to air up.  Leave the larger opening closed and blow into the smaller opening with the cap in your mouth.  When full of air, close the valve and that it is.  Seriously only took a few minutes.  After airing up the training wheels,  I make sure all 4 straps are loosened up, making slipping training wheels onto the board super easy.  One strap from the front and the back go on top of the board, and one strap from the front and back go on

Training wheels on my Wakooda board

the bottom of the board.  Once training wheels are in place, snug up the straps!  While I am sure it wouldn’t hurt to slip a small item under the straps, to help keep it on the board, it is probably best to leave the straps snug against the board.

From the get go, I knew these training wheels would make all the difference.  The board is significantly more stable, and my confidence is increasing every time I go paddle boarding!

I was a bit concerned that the training wheels would be in the way of the dogs, but once they re-learned how to get on the board, coming on more from the front instead of the side, it

Hendrix just taking in the views while enjoying the ride!

was no problem.  Now when that 95 lb big ole Hendrix shifts or changes positions, it doesn’t feel like the board is going to flip.  Saity loves to move back and forth, looking at every stick or leaf that floats by.  We shall see what happens when she actually sees a fish.

So what about you?  Do you have any issues with paddle boarding?  Was paddle boarding easy for you when you started?  Tells us what you have learned and help us stay upright!

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Hendrix enjoying the end of the day’s campfire with me!


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