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Not a lot beats the peace of sitting by a campfire!

Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent – With camping season coming into full swing, I was super excited to receive the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent in exchange for an honest review!  I have had a chance to put this tent through some real tests, and here is what I have to tell ya’ll.

If you have read some of my previous posts about camping, you know that I have been trying to “perfect” my car camping experience.  In case you didn’t know:

BONE:  There is no such thing as a perfect camping experience, or anything else, really! 🙂 

While I have chosen to forego the tent for camping, as a way to cut down on the work of solo camping, I am so glad I decided to try out the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent.  I am very much enjoying having an option right on my campsite, to change clothes, go potty, and/or take a shower.  No more being scrunched in the car or tent to change clothes!

In keeping with my theme of simplified solo car camping, the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent fits into my plan well!  The tent hardware is pre-connected so there is no trying to figure out what piece goes where.  You can literally take it out of its awesome oversized carry bag, lay it out, and set it up!

1)  Lay tent out on a flat surface in a basic square.

2)  Slide all 4 telescoping poles half way up

Tent half way set up!

3)  Place one hand under and one hand over the compression  hub at       the very top, push together, and attach the hook from tent to hub.

Don’t forget to connect the hook that attaches to the top of tent to the compression hub.

4)  Next slide the telescoping poles the rest of the way up until they          click into place.

5)  Complete set up by attaching all hooks, and securing with                          included stakes.

Hey Human! You forgot the toilet paper!

There are a lot of little extras on the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent that make it even more awesome and convenient to have!

Comes with an optional shelf to attach, for your shower bag or clothes.

Did you notice that there are two screened windows at the top, that can be zipped shut?

Attached strap to hang a towel and/or clothes.
Attached toilette bag! Yes, I know I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor! 😉

The “floor” option is great because you can have it down for a shower, and then hang it back up to dry off!  When the “floor” is down, it has a square mesh area, to aid in water not accumulating inside the tent. I have yet to actually use the Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent for a shower, so I have no idea how well this part of the tent functions.

The “floor” can be up and out of the way, drying after a shower.

The Lightspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent gets a 5 star recommendation from Reviews By Rene’!  The first time using the privacy tent, there was a huge thunder and lighting storm.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I got up in the morning to see the privacy tent still standing and in mint condition!

I am excited to use this when my family runs out to a local lake beach for a day of fun in the sun.  We also have a family beach camping vacation planned this year!  I am also in the process of saving/fun(d) raising for an RV to take HWH on the road full-time.  This may very well come in handy, as an extra toilet area, when “emergencies” arise!  Where would you use the LIghtspeed Outdoors Privacy Tent?  Add your comments below!

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