Osage Hills State Park in Oklahoma ~ It Is Important

Osage Hills State Park –  Back in March, there was a lot of talk about Oklahoma possibly having to close 16 state parks, related to an agency directors being told to expect a possible 15% cut in budgets. You can read more about this here, if you like.  Not a lot is floating around on the internet about this issue right now, and I haven’t decided if that is good or bad.

In a discussion with one of our state’s park rangers, it was stated that the outcries from concerned people and locals have been heard and that if parks are closed, it will not be all 16.  When asked how they will decide which ones, it was thought that the one’s who were self-sustaining would likely stay open.

For today’s mini adventure, my daughter, friend, and their babies met Hendrix and I at Osage Hills State Park; one of the 16 parks on the “list”.  I have come to this park many times through the years, and I was excited to show the girls, and grands this beautiful little gem.  It never fails to impress me.

The girls pushing and pulling the grands down the easy and wide trail to the creek and waterfalls.

Osage Hills State Park is tucked away in Osage Nation, west of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The park is 1,100 acres in size, with fishing, hiking, and RV and camping.  Osage Hills State Park also has a pool, tennis courts, and cabins, including one group cabin.

One of 8 native stone cabins built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp.

I am assuming that the cabins fill up fast in the fall, as the foliage is beautiful.

While Osage Hills State Park is not a hiker’s paradise, it is a fantastic place to enjoy the many benefits of being outside.  The thought of this park being closed leaves my heart sad.  This park is perfect for outings with the family, including small children and the elderly.  Whether you are needing an extended get away or just a day of peace and tranquillity, you can find it out here.  There are several day use areas that include grills and picnic tables.  The day use area is directly across from the pool.  The day use area also has a fantastic play area that we thoroughly enjoyed today, including Hendrix.

Emma Joy, my beautiful granddaughter, and twin to Evan.
Evan Angel, my handsome grandson, and twin brother to Emma.

One of the highlights of Osage Hills State Park are the falls.  The “hike” to get to the falls is very easy, with a little extra effort required right as you get to the falls.  Memorial Day weekend is next weekend and the falls will be full of folks enjoying the scenery and water!

The girls chatting, waiting for Hendrix and I to head back to the day use area. We were still playing in the water.

The girls were able to pull the wagon and push the stroller almost the whole way to the falls.  We just left the stroller and wagon here, and carried the kids the few more steps to the falls.  While the itty bitties did enjoy the falls, I think it is more of a “big kid” adventure.  The rocks are slippery!  Hendrix, of course, did not have any problems taking full advantage of the water and falls!  You cannot really see it in this picture, but the water was running pretty fast in a few places.  A smaller dog might very well of taken a small trip farther down stream!

Hendrix is a serious water worshipper! 😂

I am aware that several states are struggling with how to keep their parks open and maintained and I encourage everyone to stay informed, and look for ways to help.  They truly are such an important resource for now, and many generations to come!  Where else will we be able to nurture a child’s curiosity of all the beautiful parks and lands?  Where else will we be able to teach them about the wonders of nature, and feed their love for the great outdoors?

“Tiny” Emma has curiosity of 20 toddlers!
Miss Sydney Rae was loving the sun and fun!
We could not let go of out “all boy” Evan for one second!

Yes, we have city parks, but it really is not the same!  How are you helping parks in your neck of the woods?

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