Pumpkin Homemade Dog Treats

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Pumpkin Homemade Dog Treats 

“Since the rain just will not go away,

I believe I will make dog treats all day!”  ~~~~ My dorky self!

But seriously, staying in on rainy days almost always

has me in the kitchen, creating some little somethin’.  Of course, I enjoy feeding my pack treats that I know exactly what is in them, so treats are what I usually end up making.

Guess what?  I got a an air fryer for Mother’s Day, and I am obsessed with it! I could almost do my own TV commercial about this thing!  Now, if you don’t have one, don’t be disappointed.  I will show you how to make these treats in the oven also.

Screen shot for ingredient list. If you don’t know how, ask a kid!

One of the wonderful things about making dogs treats, is most dogs will eat just about anything.  With that said, I do try to pick ingredients that actually do compliment each other.  I also try to think about what will blend well together and create the consistency that I am going for.  I believe this recipe is my favorite consistency to work with.  It blended together super easy, and it wasn’t too sticky to work with.  Here we go!

1 teaspoon BAKING SODA

BONE: One of the many benefits of Flax Seed is it improves health of skin and coat.  Flax Seed is also a good fiber source and aides in reduction of cholesterol.

  1. Mix flour, flax-seed, and baking soda in a big bowl.

BONE:  Pumpkin helps with diarrhea and constipation, being a great source of fiber.   

Peanut butter and eggs add protein to the treats as well as moisture.   The bacon adds more protein and yummy flavor.  If you are lazy like me, and don’t feel like frying up your own bacon, buying real bacon pieces is the next best thing!  If you don’t have any bacon on hand, the recipe will turn out just fine with out it.  I already had these in the pantry so I added them.  I don’t think it will change the consistency too much.

Because dogs love bacon! 3 TABLESPOONS

2.  In medium-sized bowl, mix together pumpkin and peanut butter.  Then fold in bacon.

Normally I would not care for step 3, as it usually takes forever, but this recipe was super easy to mix.

3.  Add pumpkin mixture to flour mixture.  After you have mixed all ingredients in your big bowl, place in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.  Placing in the fridge for a bit will make handling the dough even easier.

Cooling the dough will make it easier to handle.

Not sure what cooking is like at your house, but most often, my kitchen is full of 12 paws and 3 curious noses!  While my dough was chilling in the fridge, I thought I would share a bit with the “kids”.  Don’t judge me!  These are their treats!

Ha ha! Look at their eyes!






4.  Take chilled dough from fridge and roll into golf ball size balls.  Place in the air fryer, leaving space between ball

Be sure and leave a little space in between each ball.

s for air to circulate.  Cook for 5 minutes on 350 degrees, turning at 3 minutes.  Cook for another 3 minutes.  Mine were done at this point.  If yours are still a bit doughy, continue cooking in 2-3 minute intervals.  When done, place on cooling rack and allow to completely cool before feeding to your dog(s) and placing in a container for storage.

*** You can buy an air fryer from my affiliate link here; no extra cost to you.   The one I linked is the only one I have tried but there are some great reviews on other air fryers.

Roll in a ball and press into mold.

Now, if you do not have an air fryer, you can also bake your treats in a 350 degree oven, for 15-20 minutes.  Again, this dough consistency was great to handle.  Just roll into balls, place on cookie sheet, and bake.  You can also place the dough in silicone molds!  I love these trays because the treats just fall right out after cooking, and they are so bloomin’ cute!

Be sure to cool before giving treats to dogs and storing.

*** Here is another affiliate link for silicone molds.

So, every great blog post on dog treats has to show a dog eating the treats, right?  For your viewing pleasure!  Hen and Saity really wanted to take each others treats also!

Hendrix The Hiking Dog
Lady Bonnie
Princess Saity; being heavily stalked by Hen.

That’s it for these great pumpkin homemade dog treats!  Definitely let me know if you try ’em out!  I love to hear from you all!

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