Kansas City Area Dog Boarding And Daycares

The Leash Wall at Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming

***Facilities are not listed in any particular order other than order at which I got the information and post edited.  Facilities will be added as they are visited in each area of the country.  HWH assumes no responsibility other than simply stating facts that were found and given by each facility.

Kansas City Area Dog Boarding And Daycares

Kennel #1 – Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming in Merriam, Kansas
Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming in Merriam, Kansas

Address:  6465 East Frontage Road  Merriam, Kansas 66202

Phone #:  (913)403-9663

Website:  Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming

Stopping in to visit with Andy, the owner of Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming was a very positive and refreshing experience.  The night before my visit, there was a significant storm, and several customers were without electricity.  This prompted an unexpected influx of a significant amount of dogs being dropped off for love this day.  As things usually go after significant storms, two employees had to call out also.  Knowing that the storm the night before had wrecked havoc on the area, I called before coming to my scheduled appointment, and honestly, I was shocked when our appointment was not rescheduled.  Andy had nothing to hide and was very willing to let me impose on his already hectic day!  The following is what I learned.

  • Staff to pet ratio is 20-25 dogs per staff member.
  • New staff are with a seasoned pack leader for 100 hours and have training manuals with check list to work through.
  • Woof’s Play Stay and Grooming has insurance to cover animals in their care.
  • Cameras are in use – Online Doggy – Accessible on website and app.
  • Outside play area is surrounded by 10′ retaining walls on 3 sides.

    Outside run play areas covered in turf.
Notice there is someone in every run that has dogs in it!

I want to mention here that the owner, Andy, is in the middle run, poop scooping!  It says a lot to me when the owner is willing to step in and help out his employees when needed.

    • Woof’ Play Stay and Grooming is regularly inspected by Kansas Department of Agriculture and an area licensed vet.
    • Pest control company visits on a regular basis.
    • Dogs attending are required to have rabies, DHPP, and Bortella vaccines and must be spay/neutered after 6 months of age.
    • While there is not 24 hour care, dogs are in their own space and do not have access to each other.

      Inside pens where boarded dogs eat, take breaks, and sleep at night.

  • Daycare dogs are in the indoor/outdoor run area for entire visit unless arrangements have been made otherwise.
  • 8,000 square feet of play area – includes access to indoor areas which are heated/cooled appropriately and covered with rubber.

    Inside play area accessible from outside play area.
  • Boarded dogs are in the indoor/outdoor run area a total of 9 hours a day; no more than 3.5 hours at a time.
  • Dogs are vetted at a Meet and Greet and aggressive dogs are not allowed to attend.
  • Accommodations are made for special needs and diets.
  • Insurance criteria makes it necessary to turn away any dog whose vet paperwork says “pit bull”.
  • Early drop off and pickup can be arranged with prior notice.
  • There are suits available for those who choose to go the extra mile in pampering your pup.
    Available suit with a camera and tv.

    When asked if there was anything else he wanted to add, Andy had this to say. “Even though dogs are out in the play areas for several hours a day, there are plenty of places to take a rest.  There are dog beds in the yards, and plenty of space to lay down away from all of the action.  We have very low turnover with staff.  Because of this, we all know the dogs really well and the dogs know us.  That helps with how the dogs act throughout the day and we can make it a better experience for the dogs.”

Kennel #2 – Summit Pet Care in Lee’s Summit, Missouri 
Summit Pet Care in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Address:  810 NW Commerce Drive  Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64086

Phone # – (816)246-7246

Website:  Summit Pet Care

It is an immediate feeling of comfort to walk into a dog daycare/boarding facility and see that it is partnered with a vet office.  It is in the same building and there is direct access from inside Summit Pet Care.  It was a pleasure to be greeted by the owner, Linda, and begin my tour.   Here is what I learned.

    • Staff to dog ratios is 12-14:1, depending on the combination of dogs and personalities.
    • New staff are trained by seasoned workers, who have been on staff for at least a year, working side by side for 2 weeks.  In the daycare area, there is always a veteran employee with newer staff.
    • Summit Pet Care does carry insurance to cover the dogs while in their care,  “….. but we have never had to use it.”
    • Cameras are utilized in the running of daily activities to monitor staff adherence to expected duties and for pet owners to watch when their dog(s) are introduced to the facility.
    • Security is promoted by way of a security system, cameras for staff to monitor dogs, and locks on each gate in the kennels.

  • Staff is not provided 24 hours a day.  Staff is on campus by 5 am and leave at 9 pm.  Summit Pet Care is equipped with a sprinkler system, in event of a fire.
  • Summit Pet Care is inspected by the State of Missouri Agriculture each year.  Because of their high-ranking their facility was used this year, 2017, to train the State of Missouri Agriculture’s staff.
  • Terminix is used for insect control, inside and out.  A professional lawn service maintains the bug and mice outside.
  • Early drop offs and late pickups can be accommodated, for a fee.
  • While the state of Missouri only requires a rabies vaccine, Summit Pet Care goes the extra mile, and requires proof of Rabies, Distemper, and Bortella (every 6 months or a titer) vaccinations.

    Outdoor play area for the daycare dogs, with play structures and shaded area.
  • During extreme heat, dogs are only outside for brief periods of time.  When temperatures are lower than 40 degrees, kennel doors stay down.

    Inside play area for the daycare dogs.
  • Dogs are not separated by size.  Introductions of new dogs are done slowly.
  • Kennel areas have indoor and indoor/outdoor pens and dogs are on a twice daily schedule for going to the play areas; 5 am and 7 pm.   Kennel dogs do not play in the daycare areas.
  • Each dog parent fills out a 3 page evaluation form to be used to determine if each dog is a good candidate for Summit Pet Care.  Dogs with a bite history will not be accepted.  If dogs remain scared or struggle to get along with other dogs/people, will be turned away.
  • Summit Pet Care takes in dogs with special needs and can accommodate special diets, however, they no longer take in diabetic dogs, as they feel when a dog is in a stressful situation it is very difficult to control their blood sugar.
  • Elevated beds in the kennels are used unless dog unable to get on it, or is chewing it up.  Blankets are provided.
  • No breed restrictions are in effect.
  • Calls to check on dogs are taken between 8-6; week days.

    Pool that can be utilized by the dogs in the daycare area.

When asked if she had anything else to add, Linda had this to say.  “I hope this helps anyone who reads about kennels to help choose a kennel that is right for them.”

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