Camping At Letra; A Military Base Campground

Camping At Letra; A Military Base Campground

My absolute favorite place in Oklahoma is, by far, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge! I literally could wonder

A beautiful longhorn in a beautiful setting!

around that place with my trekking pole and camera for forever.  Can you see why?

If you want a little more information about this refuge, you can read here.

Knowing that I was planning a trip back down to the refuge, my husband pointed out that there is a military camp ground right next to the refuge.  While I have thoroughly enjoyed staying in the refuge campgrounds, I am always willing to try out new places.  I am also a lover of water, and while there is plenty of water on the refuge, it is not for recreational purposes like swimming.   Camping at Letra is all about playing in the water!

What Does Letra Stand For

Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area sits right next to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, on the Fort Sill military base.   Elmer Thomas was an Oklahoma lawyer and politician, who passed away in 1965.  If you are military, you can experience camping at Letra at a discounted rate.  If you are not military, you are still welcome to stay. There is more than one gate to get into Letra, and the times that each gate is open varies.  Especially if it is your first time for camping at Letra, just turn opposite of Burger King, into the MP station and chat with them.  Just be sure and get there before 21:00 (9 p.m.).

The Camping at Letra Experience
RV area for camping at Letra

While I do not have an RV, YET, it is definitely in the plans, so I pay attention.  Since I have no real experience with RVing yet, I can only tell you that it is an option here and show you a picture.

If tent or car camping is your thing, I can tell you that it is a very enjoyable experience; camping at Letra.  The grounds are very well groomed.  Restrooms and trash bins are in close proximity.  Above ground grills and picnic tables are readily available.  As I usually do, I went camping in Letra on Monday-Tuesday, to avoid crowds.  If you are wanting to take advantage of all the available amenities, including the beach and rental options, you

Tent and car camping at Letra.

will need to come to Letra Memorial Day – Labor Day, Wednesday – Sunday.  I bring my own paddle board and food supplies so I usually just need a place to land.  This was a very peaceful and perfect set up for my son and self.  As you can see, Bonnie seemed to enjoy her time here also!

Bonnie enjoying some cot time at our camp site.

If I were to come with the grands, I would most likely come during regular business days.

Now, if you need a bit more luxury to enjoy your adventures, don’t write off Letra just yet.  There are several adorable cabin options, with access to all the same awesome parts of Letra.

Cabin option with beautiful views!
Awesome Amenities When Camping at Letra

Let me not take up your time trying to explain some of the amenities, when I can show you a few more pictures.

Play area for the kiddos. There are several throughout the park.
Putt Putt golf course with a fantastic view!
Paddle boats for rent on open days.
Fishing boats to rent on open days.
Beach area and waterslide. Access only allowed during open hours and a lifeguard on duty.
Small General Store.

Well there you have it folks!  For a wonderful fun family time, a romantic get away, or some solo R and R, head to this fantastic little gem!  Don’t forget while you are there, to head over to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

One last thing before I send you on your way.  While you are in this area, don’t miss spending a little time in Medicine Park!




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