Beaver’s Bend State Park in Oklahoma

Hendrix having a “smiling” good time!

Beaver’s Bend State Park –

Hello Readers!  Thanks for stopping in!  Hendrix and I had a fantastic time wandering around Beaver’s Bend State Park on Labor Day 2017.  As Hendrix is still building up his strength after having surgery on his knee, we are still taking it slow, but that did not stop us from several short hikes and a lot of swimming!  As we got closer to this southeastern part of Oklahoma, the roads started to

wind and the trees started to extend up into the sky. Beaver’s Bend State Park is nestled in a forest of pines-hardwood trees, in the Ouachita Mountains, and displays beautiful scenery.

The options for things to do in this beautiful 3,482 acre park are truly endless and will require several days to exhaust.  The park gives access to Broken Bow Lake, which is a 22-mile long

Little piece of paradise in Oklahoma!

lake full of crystal clear water, and has over 14,000 acres of surface area.  From the Broken Bow Lake Spillway Overlook parking lot, you can hike down to this little piece of paradise!  Hendrix and I actually had it all to ourselves this day and we spent quite a bit of time just enjoying the beautiful setting.  While we did not hike too far here, there was a great trail that went along side the lake, called Indian Nations Trail.  The trailhead sign states the trail is approximately a 5-mile multi-use trail with moderate terrain.  I believe this trail also connects to the

Indian Nations Trail

Choctaw Nation Trail which could add-on significant miles, but I had a difficult time clarifying my information.  If you have more information, please do add in the comments at the end.  Regardless of the trail details, I am confident that you would enjoy greatly, this little spot, for some leisure time!  I have no doubt that Hendrix sure did!

From the base of Broken Bow Lake flows the Mountain Fork River. This beauty has claim to the best whitewater stream in Oklahoma, and far be it from me to argue that point!  While the fishing was pretty nil for the hubs this day, we are chalking it up to the fact that the area we chose to fish in had been fished for 3 solid days, with a lot of claims to success.   The stream is stocked year round.  While we were in the very impressive nature center, we were told that the stream is actually stocked every 2 weeks, so I am confident there are trout to be caught.  For Hendrix and I, time at Mountain Fork River

Hendrix enjoying the Mountain Fork River.

was just more R and R time!  While the hubs spent his time fishing, Hendrix and I went off to do more exploring!  We found all kinds of things that could be enjoyed!  Do you want to canoe or kayak?  Perhaps you love to nuzzle the soft noses of horses.  Maybe a nice little train ride sounds like a family fun time!  I can imagine that a hay ride in the fall here would be just breath-taking!

Check out Beaver’s Bend River Floats!
Beaver’s Bend Depot for train rides, hay rides, and horseback riding!

For Hendrix and I, we of course headed for another trail.  Because I knew Hendrix was getting sore and was about done for the day, I chose a small section of the David L. Boren Hiking Trail.  If you hike this trail in its entirety, you would traverse approximately 12 miles.

Cedar Bluff area of the David L. Boren Hiking Trail

I chose the Cedar Bluff area because, well, there is a bluff!  While you do have to climb a bit, this trail is still what I would call an easy hike, as the path is wide, well-defined, and short, at 1 mile.  The picture you see at the top is the view you will find at the top of this trail.  It was a fantastic reward and end to our hiking for the day!

In an attempt to soothe some of Hendrix’s soreness, we spent a little more time in the water, before calling it a day!  Never do I have to ask him to get into the water.  I do, however, usually have to

Hendrix finishing up his day of adventure right!

encourage him to get out! 🙂

With so so much more to explore at Beaver’s Bend State Park, our next trip will most likely involve camping.  I drove through the campgrounds for tent/car camping and I was impressed that, even on a holiday weekend coming to an end, that the grounds were still clean.

Tent/car camping site at Beaver’s Bend State Park. Notice the river in the background. 🙂

If you are planning a trip to Oklahoma, don’t miss the chance to spend some time in this beautiful gem; Beaver’s Bend State Park!

Lower Mountain Fork River in Beaver’s Bend State Park.


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