Hogan’s Off Road Park ~ Disney, Oklahoma

Hogan’s Off Road Park
Hendrix exploring.

What a fantastic day!  I have wandered around this area a few times now, and I am excited to share about it with my readers.  While Hogan’s Off Road Park is not high on the list of hiking options, there is certainly plenty to do, in the way of exploring.  When I say “hiking options”, I just mean there are no real mountains to climb.  There is, however, plenty of ways to exhaust yourself, and your dog(s)!

Hogan’s Off Road Park is located

in Disney, Oklahoma.  If you are an off road enthusiast, this is a great place for you! With approximately 25 miles of trails and rock structures, the fun is never-ending!  For more information on the vehicle off road fun of this area, you can read here.

Hogan’s Off Road Park is one of my favorite places to take all 3 dogs! The area we begin our exploring in is wide open and the dogs can do “zoomies” until their legs are exhausted, while I can keep an eye on all 3 of them.  Unless they were to dart up the banks, ignoring my commands,

All 3 dogs enjoying their off leash freedom.

there is no real hiding place for them.  There are plenty of pockets of water to drink and cool off in, as well of nooks and crannies for them to explore.

As with most of my adventures, I really like to frequent Hogan’s Off Road Park when there is minimal activity.  Be sure and do a bit of research before you go, as this area is much more enjoyable for someone on foot, especially with dogs, when there is not a lot of vehicle off road activities going on also.

Example of off road vehicles.

With that said, I have been here 2 times with my dogs, and have had a great experience both times.  All 3 of my dogs have a great recall and that came into play, when the occasional vehicle came through.  I simply called my dogs in to my side, and let the vehicles pass and everyone seemed perfectly fine with that.  Because of

Saity loving her freedom and off leash adventure.

the terrain in this area, all vehicles were at a crawl, so there was no real danger of any mishaps with vehicles.  Just be sure if you choose to enjoy this area with your dog(s), that you only let your dog(s) off the leash if you are confident that you will be able to call them back to you, if needed.  That, of course, is true anywhere you might turn your fury friend lose though, right?  Right?!

*** Speaking of “dangers”.  This area is below a dam so just know that if you were to hear the sirens, you need to be able to make your way up to the higher ground.  I don’t know when the releasing of the water happens, nor have I ever seen them do so, but I do know that they do.  

A snake skin that the dogs found!

One of the fun things about this area for the dogs is all the little crevices to explore.  At one point, all 3 dogs were checking out a spot so, the hubs had to explore it also! Yikes!  I try to pretend sometimes, that snakes don’t exist everywhere! ; 0 )   We saw snails, frogs, snake skins, cranes, deer, and Bonnie’s favorite; dead fish.  Yes.  She rolled in several.  Another plus to taking the dogs to this area is it helps build their endurance.  They can run, non-stop if they choose to, instead of stopping and going on a traditional trail.  While trails are my favorite, mostly because of the reward of the climb, this type of training conditions for climbing.

Bonnie is her usual mode; running and jumping!

Along with loving seeing the dogs have a blast, exploring the rocks and formations was a real treat.  I am always amazed at the power of water, and there were endless incredible evidences of where the water has been.  I forgot to set my Map My Hike app to know for sure how far we hiked but we were out there for over 2 hours, and there was still so much left to see.  If you read most of my articles, and/or follow my social media accounts, you know that I love playing with photography, and there were endless unique options to photograph.  Here are just a few:

The contrasts of colors and multiple textures just make me giddy!
A barren tree and yet so beautiful!
This shot felt like a door to a secret garden maybe!

We spent all of our time this trip, sticking to the same area that you are seeing in the photos.  There are also many options for trails that are for off road vehicles that I intend to go back and wander down.

Go Saity Go!

For now, I am able to explore on weekdays so I am going to take advantage of that, and explore more on M-W, as to not be in the way of vehicles.  The trees are starting to turn for Autumn so that is even more reason to find my way back over to Hogan’s Off Road Park, as it is just beautiful to see.

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Until next time, here are a few more shots of the dogs having a blast!

Hendrix doing is usual “snorkeling”.
Saity getting ready to completely clear this big tree.
Bonnie showing off how much she LOVES adventures.

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