Galveston Island ~ Pelican Paradise

Galveston Island ~ Pelican Paradise

The dogs were comfortable right off the bat! (I only let Hen on there for the photo! 😊)

Let’s get right to the point here! This is a great find on Galveston Island! Jump over to AirBnB and book your Galveston Island paradise at the Pelican Paradise!  Need to know a little more first? Okay! Let me tell ya what I know!

I had actually never stayed at an AirBnB property prior to this stay.  I did receive a compensated stay, minus the AirBnB fees, in exchange for this HONEST review.  Being someone who plays with photography quite a bit, I know it is possible to represent something in a better light than might actually be reality.  Immediately upon arrival, I was very excited to see that the outside looked exactly like the pictures.  Absolutely adorable!

This night picture is actually my favorite shot that I took of the outside, because it shows you how welcoming and safe it feels when coming “home” after dark.  Can you see the paddle board on the wall?  Well, that is actually an outdoor shower! This makes keeping the sand and dirt outside very doable!   The shower wand easily comes down to wash off the dogs, also.

The outside yard area is just enough for even my two big dogs.  The property is so close to the beach, that there was no problems letting the dogs play off energy, so the yard time was simply to lay outside, or take care of their

Hendrix and Bonnie enjoying some down time in the yard.

“business”.  The yard has a picnic table, swing, and a grill.  Under the steps are also a few beach toys.  With only one view for the dogs to see out of the yard, it was quite peaceful, and they only barked once the whole stay.  My dogs actually are not “barkers” most of the time anyway, but the privacy helped.  There are also two balcony sitting areas that are very nice to enjoy some reading time or actual face to face talking time!

Balcony outside the one of the bedrooms.

Are you ready to go inside?  Entrance to the property is a code generated entry, that you will receive from Evan and Ashley.  This made getting in and out of the door super easy with no fear of loosing a key.  I will point out here that Evan and Ashley are the property owners, and Evan was very attentive and helpful through the whole booking process and entire stay.  Check in and out was a breeze!

Living Room

The picture you see above, of Hendrix on a couch, is the living room, and the room you will come into first.  It contains a tv, desk and chair, baskets with games, and an extra chair.  Please take note of this very important sign posted in the living room:

Please respect the NO SMOKING in the house rule!

When coming farther inside, to the left, you will be in the kitchen.  According to Evan, this house was built in 1910 and the cabinets in the kitchen are original from 1910!  The bar was built from reclaimed wood from historic Galveston homes.  The kitchen is fully equipped to meet all your cooking needs.  Evan and Ashley have thought of so many details, including providing spices, coffee and maker, a wine bottle cooler and wine glasses, and even  “poop” bags to clean up after your dog(s)!

Bonnie feeling right at home in the kitchen.

These are under the kitchen sink.  Please do clean up after your dog(s).  It helps not spread germs, and it is also just rude to let the clean up crew have to do it.  Kitchen is also equipped with a fridge, electric stove, and a microwave.  There is also a full-sized washer and dryer set, with laundry soap and dryer sheets.  Did I mention Evan and Ashley thought of just about any and everything you might need?

Chandelier in the bathroom! I know. Nice touch, right?

Pelican Paradise has one bathroom with a tub/shower and comes with all the usual amenities, including towels, soap, and shampoo.  I went full-blown girly when I saw the chandelier in this quaint little room!  While, admittedly, this room is not the house’s strongest room, the space is used very well, including use of a cute pedestal type sink.  I don’t know about you, but I am not at all concerned with a vacation bathroom being anything more than functional, and this bathroom works perfectly to take care of necessary needs, and get back out to having fun!

Bedroom #1
Bedroom #1 with two closets.

I absolutely love the cheeriness of Pelican Paradise!  Bright colors make me happy.  This bedroom is the first bedroom and where I slept.  While the mattress is not a 5 star hotel quality mattress, it was not lumpy nor did my back hurt when I got up so I consider it a win.  There is a mirror, a chair, tissue, and a rack for functionality.  There is a ring dish on the side of the bed for jewelry.  There is closet space with hangers, a luggage rack, and an iron/ironing board in one closet.  There is another closet that contains a baby/pet gate and a pack-n-play, if you are vacationing with a small child.  The ceiling fan works great with adequate lighting.  The daytime lighting is fantastic for putting on makeup.  Notice that there is also a big comfy WHITE chair in this bedroom.  I kept it cover with towels the whole time, as Bonnie claimed it as hers immediately.  Hendrix is huge, so he spends most of his time on the floor.  I set up both my dog’s wire crates in this room, and there was still plenty of room to move about.

BONE: IF YOU WANT TO SPEND SOME DOG-FREE TIME WHEN TRAVELING WITH A PET, IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO CRATE THEM AT YOUR HOME BASE.  I brought mine with me since I was driving.  I also brought their own blanket for familiarity.  It is just not worth taking the chance of a mishap in someone else’s home.

Chair and table in bedroom #1 – Basket has extra sheets in it.

I am also going to suggest to owners to possibly provide them.

The flooring in both bedrooms are original wood floors and are beautiful!  They do creek in places which actually adds to the nostalgia.   I gave my dogs big bones to keep them entertained and actually had to take them away at night because they kept “clunking” the bones on the floor, and there is an apartment under the house. 😉  Keep this in mind, and know that THIS IS NOT A PARTY HOUSE.  If the cops are called on you, you are up for immediate discharge from the property.  (See more about that on the actual AirBnB listing.)

Bedroom #2
Bedroom #2 – I love the bright reds!

This was actually my favorite bedroom but I chose to sleep in the front bedroom, as to not disturb my son, if I had to get up with the dogs or my tiny bladder in the middle of the night.  The bed is huge and comfy and just plain adorable.  This bedroom has its own television and access to the outside balcony.  I did enjoy spending time outside on that balcony at night, so it required going through my son’s bedroom, but that was actually no problem for us.  Surely if you are vacationing in the same home with someone you can work that out, right? 🙂 There is a dresser, a mirror and a small sitting area in this room also.  Ceiling fan works great in this bedroom, also.  You will have lots of relaxing and rejuvenating time in this room, getting refreshed and ready to enjoy all

Mirror and sitting area in bedroom #2

the awesome things to do on Galveston Island.

Speaking of that; awesome Galveston Island, just go out the yard gate, turn left, and take the easy and very short 2 block walk up the hill, and AAAAAHHHH……. there are miles of ocean beach at your disposal.  There are restaurants and amusement parks, all within a reasonably healthy person’s walking distance.  If you prefer getting in the car, there are endless things to do here.  So, pick your dates and click here and book this fantastic vacation house; Pelican Paradise. Be sure and tell them Hiking With Hendrix sent you their way!  Check in and settle in, and then grab one of the beach towels on your way out the front door, and enjoy Galveston Island!

Beach towels available at the front door!

I will be writing a post on my favorite parts of Galveston Island in my next article!  Here is a sneak peak!  Be sure and check back soon to see all the awesomeness!  These were taken at sunrise just a short walks away from Pelican Paradise! (Update:  Click here to read all about our Galveston, Texas adventure!)

Galveston Island Pleasure Pier at sunrise!
Sunrise on Galveston Island!



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