Galveston Texas With Dogs ~ Hendrix’s First Ever Ocean Visit!

Galveston Texas With Dogs

Hendrix is 4 years and 5 months old and I adopted him when he was 6 months old.  So, for almost 4 years, I had been hoping to take him to the ocean.  Check that one off the bucket list!  Well, actually

Sunrise shot on the last day of Hendrix’s first ocean visit!

I just changed the wording a bit.  Now it reads, “Take the dogs BACK to the ocean”.  Because of the close proximity at the time, taking the dogs to Galveston, Texas was the best option, since I would be driving.  I have been road tripping with these two “kids” from the very beginning, so a nine-hour drive is very doable for us.  The dogs did great!

When we arrived at our destination lodging
I couldn’t get the car unloaded fast enough, so we could hit the beach.  It is sad to say, being that I love hiking, but I am pretty directionally challenged.  It was only a guess, when we headed down the street towards what looked like it might be the ocean.  Only

Hendrix and Bon Bon’s first plunge into the Gulf of Mexico!

about a 3 minute walk later, we were topping the hill and looking at salt water!  The dogs picked up the pace the moment they saw the ocean.  I could almost hear them gripe when I asked them to turn right to head towards a cross walk, instead of just darting across the street.  I will remember forever, those first few moments that the dogs headed into the sea!  The water was dirty and rough and the dogs could not have loved it more!  I cannot possibly of counted how many times the dogs went in and out of the ocean, chasing that toy, over the next day and a half!  My heart was very content, watching them enjoy to the point

Tug-A-War in the Gulf of Mexico ocean! Winning!

of exhaustion.  I also loved that the exhaustion made for a very peaceful time when back out our “home”.  When it was time to place them in their kennels so the humans could hit the town, they were more than happy to crawl in and sleep for a few hours.

Bonnie and my son, Doug, just checking out the view together while watching for dolphins on BayWatch Dolphin Tours.
Hendrix hanging out with Captain Victor on BayWatch Dolphin Tours in Galveston Texas.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  We did not have to leave them most of the time.  Galveston Texas is very dog friendly.  One of the highlights of our time there was the time we spent with BayWatch Dolphin Tours.  And yes, the dogs were very welcomed on the boat.  We actually got the benefit of our own “private” tour.  Being there on a Tuesday, on a cloudy, sometimes misting day, proved to be the perfect time for the tour.  I was glad for that as I wasn’t sure how Hendrix would have handled being on a crowded boat.  Hendrix handled the ride just fine, but was a bit nervous the whole time.  Bonnie settled right in, and even enjoyed watching out over the water.  I am not sure if she actually saw the dolphins but I knew we sure did!  We saw several!  The dolphins followed the boat, swam a head of the boat, and jumped and swam right next to the boat.  Most likely because of the fishing boats coming in and out of this area, the dolphins are probably there every day.  The cost was $10 per adult and the dogs were free.  If you are in this area, I do recommend this very fun and relaxing tour.  If you are really lucky, you will have Captain Victor as your captain.  He had a great sense of humor and was very knowledgeable of the area, including facts about the waters and the boats on the water.  Captain Victor even told a ghost story!

One of several dolphins we saw on the BayWatch Dolphin Tours in Galveston Texas.

One of the bits of information I learned on the tour was about a boat called the Texas Responder.  This boat is on point 24 hours a day, and can respond to oil spills within minutes.  When there is an oil spill, the Texas Responder comes and sucks in the water, filters out the oil, and releases the water back into the ocean.  If you Google the Texas Responder you will find sites that track the boat’s location, and give up to date information.  It is very important to protect one of the world’s greatest resource; our oceans.

The Texas Responder

It was also a lot of fun to see all the fishing boats.  I was partial to the shrimp boat,  Princess Tina because, well, it had dogs on the side of her.  I have tried to find out more about her, but have not found much on the internet.

Princess Tina; a shrimp boat docked at Galveston Island.

To take the BayWatch Dolphin Tour, find your way to Pier 21 on Galveston Island, and it is easy to spot.  When we got off the boat, we wanting to grab some lunch so we stopped in at Olympia Grill.  They were very dog friendly, and there is a small grassy area right next door, for dogs to potty.  There are bags to clean up after your dog.  Please use them!  Water bowls for the dogs are also provided.  The food was delicious and there was even a sugar scrub in the restrooms, that left my hands oh so soft.  Our table had a great view of the water.

1892 Bishop’s Palace in the Historic District in Galveston, Texas.

Besides spending time in and on the water, I found town to be a very beautiful and interesting place to wander around.  There are some incredible homes and buildings to enjoy.  I was told that any property that is 50 years, or older, cannot be torn down.  It has to be refurbished, or sold.  One of the reasons I found this area so interesting is how diverse the houses and buildings were.  They all looked so different!  There was also a lot of art work painted on buildings.  The above picture is of Bishop’s Palace, which was built for Walter Grisham and his wife Josephine, who had 9 children.  The palace was finished in 1892, and took 5 years to build.  You can read more about this gem here.

Sacred Heart Church in Galveston, Texas

Another beauty standing majestic in Galveston, Texas is the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. . While I am not a Catholic, I can definitely appreciate the grandness and beauty of this building. This church has great history behind it, including being completely destroy by a hurricane, and being rebuilt.  I could have walked around and taken photos all day long.  While out and about this morning, I stopped in at Mod’s coffee shop, and enjoyed a yummy coffee sitting on the patio with unique view.

View from the patio at Mod’s coffee shop in Galveston, Texas

Our evening dinner was enjoyed at Sky Steak and Sushi Bar, also while sitting on the patio, enjoying a relaxing atmosphere and breeze.

Sky Steak and Sushi Bar in Galveston, Texas.

Here is just an example of some of the art work that you will enjoy as you walk around.

An example of art you will see in Galveston, Texas.


If you are still reading, thanks for hanging in there.  I seriously could have talked about my time in Galveston, Texas for so much longer.  I cannot wait to go back.  If you like, you can read here, about the wonderful dog friendly property that we stayed at.

Here are a few more pictures of our beach time, to close out the post!  Don’t forget to share this post so others can see how awesome it is there!

I took this shot of a man taking pictures of birds that the woman was feeding dog kibble.
Bonnie having a blast!
Hendrix in his happy place!
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