Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE ~~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE
kampMate Wood Burning Stove

Hiking and camping have just got a LOT easier for me, because of this little stove by kampMATE.  I have been looking into getting one of these bad boys for a while now.  If you have read my post “Simplified Car Camping”, you know that I have a goal of making my work at camp as easy as possible.  You can read that post here.  When kampMATE agreed to send out the WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove for testing and this review, I was just giddy!  I have been of the thinking, for a while now, why would I not be using a stove that burned wood for a heat source?  I don’t believe that I have ever hiked and/or camped anywhere that did not have twigs, branches, leaves, dead grass, etc. all over the place.  Why would I carry a stove that also required me to carry my heat source, when I could find it just lying around anywhere I am going to want to use my stove?

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kampMate box and nylon pouch

Always being honest in my reviews, I will admit that I was a bit skeptical when I got the stove, because the packaging is simple.  Just a plain white box with the simple picture of the stove.  But, it didn’t take long, once I got the product in my hand, to see that it was quality.  The product was starting to speak for itself, and fancy packaging was not needed to “fluff” the product.  The kampMATE wood burning stove, made of stainless steel, comes in a sturdy nylon pouch for easy storage and carrying.  When not assembled, the stove stores compact and flat, and slides easily into a pack.


If you hate to read instructions, this will be a favorite purchase for you, just because of how easy it is to put together.  There are 7 pieces to assemble; 4 walls, a bottom, and 2 criss cross pieces for the top.  Take 3 of the walls, leaving the wall that has the kampMATE emblem on it out.  Assemble the three wall pieces,

The kampMATE Wood Burning Stove has 7 pieces to easily assemble.

followed by the floor piece.  When placing the floor piece, put all the “tongues” into the slots on each of the 3 walls.  Then add the 4th wall.  Once you have the walls and floor together, slide the criss cross top pieces into the corners of the walls.  If I have totally confused you on how to assemble; fear not.  When you get your stove, you will be able to figure it out without my instructions.  I promise!

Using your kampMATE Wood Burning Stove

Once assembled, place your stove on a level surface, out of extreme winds.  Gather items to burn.  I try to put leaves, dead grass, and tiny twigs on the bottom.  I then place miniature logs on top of that layer.  Fill the stove pretty full.  If you end up with too high a flame, it burns down quickly, so no worries.  When your leaves and dead grass start to burn, it will get pretty smokey.  These items will burn off quickly and most of the smoke with be gone.  As long as you are

Cooking with kampMATE Wood Burning Stove

needing to generate heat, just keep feeding in miniature logs, just like a bon fire, until you are done cooking.  My water was boiling in no time, which is so very important on early crisp mornings and I am needing my coffee!  I am learning how to dehydrate meals now, so I will be boiling a lot of water in the near future.

Here is another awesome thing about the kampMATE wood burning stove.  While I am not exactly sure how fast it cooled off, once I was done cooking, and poured water over my coals,  I do know that I came back to the stove in less than 15 minutes, and it was completely cool, and ready for me to disassemble, wipe off, and place back in its pouch.  If you are trying to cover a lot of miles, and don’t want to spend too much time on a meal, this is a great option.  Just don’t hurry off too fast, and forget to make sure your fire is completely out!

kampMATE Wood Burning Stove weighs 1.1 pounds.  It also will burn several other types of fuel, if wood is not your cup of tea.

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  1. Hi, Rene! Wow, this stove sounds amazing and very practical. Fast cooling time is very important and can really make a difference. Also, it had to be adding some beauty to cooking with flames. 🙂

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