Dog Allergies Relief Spray By Tomlyn ~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Dog Allergies Relief Spray By Tomlyn

If your dog has dog allergies, then you completely understand the struggle with finding something to give them some relief.  Watching them suffer breaks your heart.  It is miserable, and unbelievably frustrating, to watch your dog continuously lick, chew, and scratch.  You have read everything you can find on the internet, including all the well-intended but over-opinionated comments that complete strangers post on your social media.  “Feed this.”  “Don’t do that!”  “I would NEVER use that on my dog!”  At times, you can feel down right desperate.  There are also those days when you are sure you may have found the right food, or the right medicine, only to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of your furry kid licking sores on his/her feet, their groin fire-red pending infection, and/or they are incessantly digging at their ears.  Totally makes you want to just scream!

Now, don’t let me be misleading.  I am not going to claim that I have cured Hendrix’s allergies in this post.  What I am going to claim in this post, is

that I found something that does give us all some relief.  One day I was in the local feed store, chatting with them about options for feeding a dog with severe dog allergies.  As we were making our way back to the counter with yet another dog food to try, the lady showed me a bottle of Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray with Bittrain II.  I am usually a pretty hard sell, so I even surprised myself when I was like, “Let’s try it!”  I am oh so glad I was vulnerable that particular day.  Desperate actually!

Active Ingredients

Benzalkonium chloride – Has antiseptic and anti-infective properties so it will help prevent infection

Lidocaine hydrochloride – Treats pain and itching and there are claims that it is also an anti-inflammatory.

Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray also contains Brittran ll which is bitter, to discourage licking, biting, and chewing.  It also contains lanolin and aloe to sooth skin.

A couple other great things about this product is it comes in what I call a “home size”; 12 ounces, and a travel size; 4 ounces.  Tomlyn also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, as stated above, I don’t claim that this product cures Hendrix’s dog allergies, but it does help him get a break from the symptoms of his dog allergies.  When he starts to lick and chew, I bring out the bottle of Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray, and Hendrix seriously just rolls over and exposes his groin, so that I can spray on some cooling, soothing, relief!

I have placed an affiliate link below, for you to order your own.  I do not recommend picking it up at a feed store, as it was about double the price that you can get it from Amazon.  I also realized, when taking a picture for this post, that this bottle is expired, and I have not even had it very long.  Lesson learned there.

As you might already know, when your dog has dog allergies, it is recommended to bathe them on a regular basis.  I try to keep a batch of home-made dog shampoo on hand.  You can find my “recipe” here.   I also occasionally use an apple cider soak and you can find that recipe here.

*** Advice contained in this post is not to replace the care and advice from your veterinarian

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