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Knob Noster State Park in Missouri

Knob Noster State Park

When January grants an especially beautiful day, the adventure seeker takes advantage!  Just a short drive from the house, Knob Noster State Park did a great job of  curing most of my cabin fever.

Whenever I am looking for a place to explore, I usually come across a bit of history in my research.  I read mention of this stone wall before heading out and after seeing it in person, I was quite curious to finish up my research of Knob Noster, when I got home.  “During the Great Depression, a coalition of Kansas Citians proposed the creation of a park area that would serve three purposes: to act as a recreational area for people in the local area, to provide employment relief for those unable to find work during this time., and to rehabilitate approximately 2,700 acres of marginal land, which resulted from unsustainable farming and agriculture. The National Park Service (NPS) agreed to …..”  Click here to continue reading more interesting history behind Knob Noster State Park.  This wall was built Continue reading Knob Noster State Park in Missouri

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Dehydrating Food Really Is Easy So Don’t Wait!

Dehydrating Food Really Is Easy! 

Have you always wanted to try dehydrating food?  I know I sure have.  While I do like some store-bought, dehydrated food, I don’t care much for the price.  One of the things I try to teach my readers, and people who ask me how to camp, hike, and/or backpack, is that Continue reading Dehydrating Food Really Is Easy So Don’t Wait!

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Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE ~~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE
kampMate Wood Burning Stove

Hiking and camping have just got a LOT easier for me, because of this little stove by kampMATE.  I have been looking into getting one of these bad boys for a while now.  If you have read my post “Simplified Car Camping”, you know that I have a goal of making my work at camp as easy as possible.  You can read that post here.  When kampMATE agreed to send out the WoodFlame Ultra Lightweight Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove for testing and this review, I was just giddy!  I have been of the thinking, for a while now, why would I not be using a stove that burned wood for a heat source?  I don’t believe that I have ever hiked and/or camped anywhere that did not have twigs, branches, leaves, dead grass, etc. all over the place.  Why would I carry a stove that also required me to carry my heat source, when I could find it just lying around anywhere I am going to want to use my stove?

*Do you want one for free?!  Be sure and keep reading!  Continue reading Wood Burning Stove by kampMATE ~~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

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