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Crystal Digging At Salt Flats – Flat Out Fun!

Hendrix having a flat out good time at the Salt Flats!

Crystal Digging – Talk about a unique experience!! My husband, Craig and I had a free Saturday together, and we searched for something to do, that combined an adventure that we would both enjoy doing. When Craig suggested GREAT SALT PLAINS STATE PARK I recalled reading about this place before.  Opportunity for my hubby to dig, and both of us to let our dogs run sounded like a win/win! So, we loaded up, and off we went! 

It is so amazing to me that this place exists because it use to be covered by ocean millions of years ago!!!

The beginning dig!

Sure enough! Lots and lots of crystal digging fun!  I had never seen such a place, nor dug for anything, so, gotta say, this was a bit addicting.  I really didn’t want to leave!  Process is simple:  Dig until you find a little water, then feel for salt crystal pieces, then gently move the dirt away with fingers and the water!  I  was seriously pretending I was a real archaeologist!!

The careful process of discovering crystals! 🙂

My husband definitely enjoyed himself, and he found a really nice “cluster”!  I am not sure what we are suppose to do with the salt crystals, but it was indeed fun to find.

A crystal dug up at the salt flats.

As desolate as the sand flats seem, there actually is protected wild life there; including several bird species.  I am never NOT surprised at the ability for “things” to survive, and even thrive in certain parts of the world!

It was amazing to see life existing in this environment!

Even little lady bugs are living here!  We heard coyotes in the near distance.  There were also deer and raccoon tracks! 

Our beautiful trio resting from their full on run at the salt flats.

While we did let the dogs off for a quick run, in the back of the designated digging area, where there was no one around, it wasn’t our best choice.  While the dogs, of course, had a blast, we did not realize the birds were there at first.  Saity especially,  kept trying to drink water from the holes, which, because of the salt content, was NOT a good idea.  Hendrix and Bonnie could tell after a sip, or two, that the water was not right.  The salt seemed to be rough on the pads of their paws, also.  After wards, Saity threw up once, and had 4-5 accidents during the night, which she never does.  Her body did a good job of getting out all the extra salt, but we could have not been so lucky.

I do suggest going to salt flats and crystal digging, at least once, as we had a good time, but I STRONGLY suggest you leave your fur babies at home!!! If you do take them:

BONE:  BRING A LOT OF WATER FOR DOGS, AND DO NOT LET THEM DRINK THE PARK WATERThe way salt works in the body, is to balance out fluids.  Too much salt, and a healthy body will try to “flush” out the salt, taking with it other important electrolytes, including potassium.  If this situation becomes too severe, there can be very serious consequences. 

When your adventure is over, wash EVERYTHING:  yourself, your clothes, your vehicle (salt is very hard on the paint), any equipment your brought, the dog(s) if you bring them ………… And your crystal salts!! And look for the hour glass in your new crystal salts!!! Happy crystal digging! 

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Keeping Dog Poop At Bay! Yep! This Blog Has Gone To Crap!

Dog poop is the topic at hand!  Yes, that is what this post is about. Sometimes you just have to go there. GROSS; you might say! Well, NOT cleaning up your dog’s poop is exponentially “more GROSS”?! (I am sure that is not proper grammar.)
Let’s start with this reason why, which is probably the most important: 

BONE:  As with humans, canine feces is waste, which can carry organisms like Giardia, Salmonella, and E. Coli.  These organisms can be transmitted to other animals, and worse, humans.  If you think cleaning up dog poop is gross, wait until you see what comes out of your own body if you contract these organisms!  I am a Registered Nurse.  I can legitimately say GROSS!!!  In all seriousness, these can actually be fatal, in the worst case scenarios.

BONE:  Try and pick up dog poop before a known storm is coming through.                   Storm water can carry feces into water supplies.  Also, wet feces is difficult to pick up and even MORE gross.


C)  MONITORING DOGS POOP  You can tell so much about a                     dog’s health by it’s feces.  Keep dog poop picked up so that you                know when there is something that requires attention                                “happens”.

Knowing what comes out of your pet can be just as important, and informational, as knowing what goes in.  I could write a whole post on characteristics of feces, and indications.  Just know that normal is a firm, moist specimen. When you see something other than that, pay closer attention to what your dog is ingesting and how he/she is feeling.  Abnormal feces can simply be your fur baby ate something that upset their tummy, and will resolve on it’s own.  Abnormal feces can also indicate something worse, like disease or parasites.  If you note abnormal poop consistently, you may need to consult your vet.

D)  Clean play area! 

This is one of my best motivating reasons for keeping our yard free of poop!!  My pack is high energy, which means they are running and romping ALL the time!  I also enjoy going outside and playing with them.  No one wants to step in dog poop!  If left on the ground, they are, of course, running through the poop when they play, and that in turn, most likely tracks into my house! Say it with me:  GROSS!!!!

I use 3 things to clean my dog’s yard, and it is actually quite easy!  I use a a 5 gallon bucket that I line with a trash bag, and I use a “pooper scooper”.  I try to walk the yard and pick up at least every other day.

In the summer, this also makes mowing a much more pleasant experience.  (Pick up before you mow.) At least once a year, usually after the winter, I also run a rake across the dog’s yard, to get any residual droppings, and matted down grass from mowing and winter snow. 
Something To Chew On
:  Could it be that, by picking up, and handling a dog’s “markings”, that we reinforce ourselves as the pack leader?
Of course, for this to work, they would have to be outside with you when you are picking up their poop!  What do you think?  Truth, or am I full of ………  Well, let me close this post with one more suggestion.  Have an extra pooper scooper on hand, so when the motivation hits to get ‘er done, and then the current scooper breaks, you have a spare!  

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PAWZ Dog Boots ~~~~~ Reviews By Rene’

Pawz Dog Boots – This review is going to be short and sweet!  Now don’t take that wrong, and assume I have negative things to say! To the contrary!  I think these little gems are awesome; and it is going to be as simple to tell you why as they are to use.  

1)  Easy to put them on. 

You just  have to stretch them out and slip them on their paws.  I put Hendrix’s on all by myself, with no difficulty. While Hendrix didn’t actually have an injury when we used them, if he had, and I had needed to wrap the paw, these would be great.  I would just wrap his paw, put the Pawz dog boots over the wrap, and the Pawz dog boots would keep the wrap on and free of dirt/moisture. 

2) Very light!

 When you are a hiker/backpacker, anything that adds extra weight to your pack is a big concern.  I have other paw protectors, and if I were going on, say, a 3 month AT adventure, I would probably take them. For now, those never make it into the “must have” items when packing my pack, because they are bulky. I was always hoping we come out of our hike without needing them.  I will probably never hike with my dogs, without Pawz dog boots again. Just stuff them in somewhere.  They will fit anywhere in your pack or pocket.
 3) Inexpensive enough to be disposable but durable enough to be reusable. 

4) Waterproof

5) They stay on!! 

6) Biodegradable

7) Easy to take off; just pull!

8) Hendrix barely even noticed they were on!  He just went on about his adventure.

9) When we were done with our hike, the Pawz dog boots were still like brand new,       even after some ruff and rocky terrain. 

AND!!!  With coming into a wet and rain/snow season, I am very excited to have found this product! Slip them on and send the dogs out. When ready to bring dogs back in, just pull them off and set them somewhere to dry!  Keep their paws and your floors clean with Pawz dog boots!

These Pawz dog boots are a new favorite product at our house!  

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