Learn more about #teamHWH


Learn more about # teamHWH 

So, you wanna know more about teamHWH, huh?  Well, here ya go!

Rene’ ~~~~~ The Human Element to #teamHWH

20141027_101922I’m your typical outdoorsy type gal, who loves hiking, camping, and paddle boarding!  I also like to mix things up every now and then, and go fishing.

I am also an RN, and have a certification called WUMP, which stands for Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals.  I earned my certification from National Outdoor Leadership School.  I love learning as much as possible, about the human body, wilderness first aide, and then teaching my readers what I know.

Sharing my photography and writing this blog are ways that I can share my adventures, hoping to educate and motivate others to find what makes their mind peaceful and spirit content.  I am a firm believer that at least part of our time here on earth is meant to be spent outside. img_20151104_100804 I also believe that there are healing powers, both emotionally and physically, by doing so. It truly can be therapy!  It is a very busy, fast changing, and down right chaotic world we all live in.  While I encourage people to be present in the world around them, and contribute, sometimes stepping away, and onto a dirt path is in order.   Upon returning to “life”, things just seem to fall into place a little easier.

Hendrix The Hiking Dog

Can’t talk about teamHWH without talking about the star of the show; Hendrix!

Hendrix The Hiking Dog
Hendrix on his’ Gotcha Day!

Hendrix The Hiking Dog’s life could have gone a lot different, including not surviving at all.  Hendrix was found abandon in the Phoenix, AZ area, in a parking lot.  He, and his litter mates, where starving and HOT!  The litter ended up in a kill shelter, and were rescued the day before they were to be “put to sleep”.  Within a day, or two, all but one of the litter came down with a very severe case of Parvo, including Hendrix.  If it weren’t for a very diligent group of foster folks, giving everything they had for these pups, they would not have made it!

One day I came across a picture online.  Hendrix needed a forever home! There was an immediate connection to this dog, for me.  And to this day, he is my “soul dog”.   This is a picture of the 1st day as my forever dog!

Hendrix on a mountain; our second “home”!

From the very beginning of our hiking together, Hendrix has had maturity about him.  He always knows where I am.  He always knows the way home.  He always stays on
the trail; following the leave it command to a tee.   I know that I am partial, but I have had many, many dogs through the years, and Hendrix is one in a million! He passed his therapy dog testing with flying colors.  Then he completed, and receive his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.  This dog will forever and always be my #1 hiking partner, and canine best friend!!  It is believed, because of litter mates testing, and his personality, body type, and thick coat, that he is part Akita and part American Staffshire Terrier.  It is believed that Hendrix was born in May of 2013!

Lady Bonnie

Lady Bonnie is our little beautiful ball of energy!  She keeps teamHWH on our toes!  Bonnie found her way into my home, by way of an amazing rescue out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  At the time, I was working 12-13 hour days, 3-5 times a week.  I wanted Hendrix to have another dog to play with when I was beat after work.  We definitely got 20150720_155857that!  To this day, they rock the house with those shenanigans.  Bonnie gets to join us on several hikes, but she will most likely never be the same level of a hiking dog as Hendrix.  Time will tell.  She gets to be on the leash a lot more than Hendrix, as her prey drive is strong, and her love of anyone and everyone is very exuberant on the trails. (Obnoxious, actually!)  We are patient with her, as she is a very determined dog.  Bonnie was born in May of 2014..  Bonnie’s momma is part pit bull, and because of how Bonnie “bounces” and other behaviors, it is believed she is pit bull/boxer mix.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Hiking With Hendrix, and I hope you follow along with all of our adventures, and find inspiration to have some of your own!


Rene Savage