Sparrowhawk Primitive Area Near Tahlequah, Oklahoma

 SPARROWHAWK PRIMITIVE AREA – A little college town called Tahlequah, Oklahoma is the where.  Sparrowhawk Primitive Area, to be more exact.  I was very happy to find this little gem!  But before we get to all the awesome details,  I need to get this out there right off the top.  

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation governs this area and YES, a permit is required to hike here at Sparrowhawk Primitive Area.  And if you get caught without one, you may be fined over $200.00.  Oh!  And you know who else needs a permit to be there, and they are there? Hunters!  I should probably be a bit embarrassed that I did not discover this information until after our hike.

Okay.  Now the fun stuff! We didn’t exhaust all hiking options on our initial visit to Sparrowhawk Primitive Area so I can’t confirm what I have read, that there is a 7 mile loop.  From the trail head, we headed up the path to the left. My son had not hiked with us for awhile and he admitted that he was a bit concerned at the beginning of our hike.  It starts climbing, by way of rocky terrain, from the very beginning.  It does, however, calm down nicely, not too far into the hike.  We found the rest of the trail to be mildly up and down.  While we were very impressed that there was still so much vibrant evidence of being the season of Fall, the most amazing part of this hike was found when we cautiously veered off the main path, down to the bluffs, over looking the Illinois River.  I give cautions here, as it is a pretty steep, and somewhat loose, down and back up, path. 

****Only attempt this part of the trail if you are confident in your strength and agility.

 Lady Bonnie is all fun, and no fear!  On the other hand, Hendrix The Hiking Dog is a very protective canine, in that he will try to tell humans to go back up to safer ground, when he realizes the drop off is VERY impressive!  I try to pay close attention to when Hendrix “tells” me it is a bad idea.  So, after a couple photo ops, we climbed back up to the “safe” zone.  


 After taking in the spectacular views, and letting nature do that amazing thing it does; clearing the mind and putting things in perspective, we headed on down the path. 

BONE: If you have a relationship that is strained, or someone who is having a tough time,  GO ON A HIKE! There is just something about being outside, exercising, and sharing those moments, or hours together, that opens the doors of communication.  Too many times to count, being out on the trails with someone has made progress in life happen.   

At one point, the trail came to what seemed to be the start of a housing addition, right in the middle of the woods.  We chose to turn around, and I believe our total mileage that day was only a little over 3 miles.  Next time we will look for the “loop” I have read about. 

Paleo Meals To Go! ~~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Paleo Meals To Go!

This is a review for Paleo Meals To Go!  Thanks for stopping in and reading!  

 When I was a lot younger, my friends would tease me because I would always say, “OMG!!!”  Well, I am going to have to bring that back for this review.  

Canyon Chicken Chili

While out on our hike today, we were looking forward to our break, and our first sampling of Paleo Meals To Go! So easy to throw in the pack, along with prep tools. But remember, you have to bring something to light your fire with, if you want a hot meal. Oops!  So, we took a promo shot at this point.  No worries! “We will just eat them later.” 

 These are actually a golden find for me, for so many reasons. I need to eat healthy; CHECK!  I am not much of a cook and these are easy breezy; CHECK! I do not like to weigh my pack down with extras; CHECK! 
 These meals can literally be made anywhere you can find hot water; like when I am working the night shift and need to eat something besides the continual ordering of fast food.  (I want to mention that it does state on the package that you can use cold water.)  

Canyon Chicken Chili

Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack ~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack – I was very excited when Kurgo said they were sending the Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack for us to tryout and review! I had been watching their products for a while, and I watched the mail daily for their arrival!
Bonnie got to wear the pack first, and it fit her very well.  Truth is, these packs will fit most dogs well because there are multiple ways to adjust for individual fitting.  The chest strap, under-belly straps (2), the side pack straps (4), and the between front belly strap and chest strap, all adjust .  

(I probably should have tightened the chest strap a bit more here, to have the pack sitting up a bit farther on Lady Bonnie’s back.) 

Travel With Your Dog with Kurgo Adventure Products!

While we didn’t put anything in the pack for this first outing, we did certainly “test” it!  

I do suggest you take the pack off before letting your dog into the water as both bags were full of water when she came out of the water, and she wasn’t really in there for very long.  I had to unzip the bags and pour the water out!  You could also try putting your dog pack items in Ziplocs before putting in pack, to keep items dry. A positive note is that, if they do get into the water before you have a chance to take off the pack,  the pack itself handles the exposure just fine.  I hung the pack up to dry, and it was like brand new when we reached for it again.  

The Kurgo Baxter Dog Pack felt like I had a solid control of my dog.  It would require a significant fight on the part of your dog, before they could back out of this pack.  I also like where the leash hook is placed.  

And the handle on the top of the pack is very handy in assisting where extra control is needed. 

Lady Bonnie has the 3.75Liter  Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack while Hendrix The Hiking Dog has the 7.5Liter Big Baxter

When on our adventures I will usually have dogs on and off lead.  While on their off lead time, the packs stayed perfectly placed. 

However, when I had Hen and Bonnie on a tandem Y leash, the packs seemed to slip around a lot, to the point of even loosening up some of the straps. While my dogs do a fantastic job on the Y leash, they are dogs, and do switch up positions, and stop and go on each other.  If you are going tandem with these packs, be sure and have the straps snug.   

Lady Bonnie seemed to also be quite happy about her whole experience with her pack! 

One more awesome point I should make about this pack. When you are done with your adventure, and are ready to relax and open a cold one? The leash hook is a bottle opener!!  I think KURGO is definitely onto something there;  multi use packs!! 

*I received these packs, in exchange for an honest testing and review. 

Travel With Your Dog with Kurgo Adventure Products!

Rene Savage