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Paleo Meals To Go! ~~~~~ Reviews by Rene’

Paleo Meals To Go!

This is a review for Paleo Meals To Go!  Thanks for stopping in and reading!  

 When I was a lot younger, my friends would tease me because I would always say, “OMG!!!”  Well, I am going to have to bring that back for this review.  

Canyon Chicken Chili

While out on our hike today, we were looking forward to our break, and our first sampling of Paleo Meals To Go! So easy to throw in the pack, along with prep tools. But remember, you have to bring something to light your fire with, if you want a hot meal. Oops!  So, we took a promo shot at this point.  No worries! “We will just eat them later.” 

 These are actually a golden find for me, for so many reasons. I need to eat healthy; CHECK!  I am not much of a cook and these are easy breezy; CHECK! I do not like to weigh my pack down with extras; CHECK! 
 These meals can literally be made anywhere you can find hot water; like when I am working the night shift and need to eat something besides the continual ordering of fast food.  (I want to mention that it does state on the package that you can use cold water.)  

Canyon Chicken Chili

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