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Rainy Day Adventure in Arkansas

Rainy Day Adventure – Have you ever had a fantastic day planned only to wake up and find the sky is pouring down buckets of rain?  When I was growing up, my whole family competed in the horse show and rodeo circuit.  When those events were rained out, I remember being so disappointed.  I remember always thinking, “I can still ride my horse in the rain!”  When I woke up this morning, I had almost the exact same thought:  I can still hike in the rain!

Part of my brain, (I think the lazy side), wanted to just stay in, with all the comforts of slippers and blankets.  However,  I actually had a promo shot due on Friday, (today is Wednesday), and I really wanted to take a few more shots of Hendrix.  I also just LOVE the way photos “pop” when it is raining outside; especially in the lush greenery of Arkansas.

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