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Hendrix Is Now A Subaru Dog!

Hendrix; a Subaru Dog!

Subaru Dog – So, we have made a fantastic upgrade in our adventure mobile! Hendrix is a 90 lb dog, and when we couldn’t “steal” the truck from the hubs,  Hendrix was sharing the back seat of a Ford Focus with Bonnie and Saity.  Needless to say, it was a bit cramped!  Now there is endless room, at least for the average adventures.

I, too, am “Subaru” excited about our new adventure mobile! Continue reading Hendrix Is Now A Subaru Dog!

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Pumpkin Town Farms ~ It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! 50 Years!!

Pumpkin Town Farms

Rarely have I met a person who does not love Fall!  When the heat of summer gives way to crisp air and vibrant and golden colors, the hustle and bustle begins!  And as the gentle breeze begins to blow through open windows, and hair tickles the sides of faces, we can’t seem to help ourselves; we have to go get all things pumpkins!  What better place to do that than at Pumpkin Town Farms?

I had the pleasure of being allowed to bring Hendrix along, on our family visit.  What a wonderful place this is!  

Pumpkin Town Farms  is a family owned business that has been offering fantastic family fun since 1999.  Right in the middle of town, you will find 20 acres of something-for-everyone entertainment!  From the itty bitty family member, to the way-too-much energy child, to the members of the family who are still just young at heart; there truly is fun to be had by all! 

Check out this list of  Awesome Things To Do!

Games for all ages, train rides, little slides, big slides, corn mazes, food …… Need fall family photos?  Options are limitless!  Did I mention food?  My husband and I went to the fair the night before, and the corn dogs and funnel cakes were exponentially better here! 

Not enough to convince you to go yet? Boy, you are a hard sell, but that’s alright.  There are a LOT more tricks and treats to tell ya about!  

Check out this list of MORE Awesome Things To Do !

You can actually rent a space to have your own bon fire!  How cool is that? Pony rides, hay rides, etc…. Should I go on?!  Private and/or group party options, senior and military discounts!  

Okay!  If all of this is not enough to encourage you to come out and enjoy this family fun, I have one more reason!!


Do it for Charlie Brown!!

As for pricing, at Pumpkin Town Farms, there are several options, to meet most budgets, and tickets can be purchased online, or at the gate.  And when you are all done, and just can’t take any more fun, don’t forget to stop at the desk on the way out!  Ask about the “bounce back” option!  Hint:  Wanna come back again, for a fraction of the cost?  Gwen was an absolute blast at desk! 

As always, don’t forget to check out Hiking With Hendrix’s Facebook for a lot more picture fun! 

And just one more thing before you go!!!  Do you need new holiday hair bows? (Don’t we always need more bows?)

Here ya go!  

ESquared Boutique


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