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PAWZ Dog Boots ~~~~~ Reviews By Rene’

Pawz Dog Boots – This review is going to be short and sweet!  Now don’t take that wrong, and assume I have negative things to say! To the contrary!  I think these little gems are awesome; and it is going to be as simple to tell you why as they are to use.  

1)  Easy to put them on. 

You just  have to stretch them out and slip them on their paws.  I put Hendrix’s on all by myself, with no difficulty. While Hendrix didn’t actually have an injury when we used them, if he had, and I had needed to wrap the paw, these would be great.  I would just wrap his paw, put the Pawz dog boots over the wrap, and the Pawz dog boots would keep the wrap on and free of dirt/moisture. 

2) Very light!

 When you are a hiker/backpacker, anything that adds extra weight to your pack is a big concern.  I have other paw protectors, and if I were going on, say, a 3 month AT adventure, I would probably take them. For now, those never make it into the “must have” items when packing my pack, because they are bulky. I was always hoping we come out of our hike without needing them.  I will probably never hike with my dogs, without Pawz dog boots again. Just stuff them in somewhere.  They will fit anywhere in your pack or pocket.
 3) Inexpensive enough to be disposable but durable enough to be reusable. 

4) Waterproof

5) They stay on!! 

6) Biodegradable

7) Easy to take off; just pull!

8) Hendrix barely even noticed they were on!  He just went on about his adventure.

9) When we were done with our hike, the Pawz dog boots were still like brand new,       even after some ruff and rocky terrain. 

AND!!!  With coming into a wet and rain/snow season, I am very excited to have found this product! Slip them on and send the dogs out. When ready to bring dogs back in, just pull them off and set them somewhere to dry!  Keep their paws and your floors clean with Pawz dog boots!

These Pawz dog boots are a new favorite product at our house!  

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