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Knob Noster State Park in Missouri

Knob Noster State Park

When January grants an especially beautiful day, the adventure seeker takes advantage!  Just a short drive from the house, Knob Noster State Park did a great job of  curing most of my cabin fever.

Whenever I am looking for a place to explore, I usually come across a bit of history in my research.  I read mention of this stone wall before heading out and after seeing it in person, I was quite curious to finish up my research of Knob Noster, when I got home.  “During the Great Depression, a coalition of Kansas Citians proposed the creation of a park area that would serve three purposes: to act as a recreational area for people in the local area, to provide employment relief for those unable to find work during this time., and to rehabilitate approximately 2,700 acres of marginal land, which resulted from unsustainable farming and agriculture. The National Park Service (NPS) agreed to …..”  Click here to continue reading more interesting history behind Knob Noster State Park.  This wall was built Continue reading Knob Noster State Park in Missouri

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Sequoyah State Park in Oklahoma Has Hiking And Adventure


Sequoyah State Park –  Sequoyah State Park is located in eastern Oklahoma. January 11, 2017 surely will go down in history as one of the warmest days ever in Oklahoma!  75 degrees?  Wow!  I guess if we can’t have a beautiful blanket of fresh snow, this is the next best thing!  And there was no way I was going to miss getting out with the dogs on such a beautiful day!   Continue reading Sequoyah State Park in Oklahoma Has Hiking And Adventure

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Keystone State Park In Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Keystone State Park – It is always a shock to me, when I discover a wonderful place that has been just down the road for years, and yet I never knew it was there.  I blame it on the parenting years of 5 children.  I never had time! 

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While starting a new business, (ClubSavage on Etsy.com), and the holiday season for crafters being in full swing, my time is limited, but I just needed to get out of the house, and see something pretty, and Oklahoma almost never fails to offer amazing sunsets!  Score!!  

Keystone State Park  is a 716 acre park, with a 26,300 acre lake!  And in true Oklahoma fashion, the grounds are very well kept, and access to the lake is fantastic.  What’s your pleasure?  Tents, RVs, cabins?  They have it all!  While just driving around the park, I could see several prime location options, for enjoying the lake and park, for every person’s fancy.  Pier 51 is a fully equipped marina, including a bar and grill, The Crow’s Nest, which is open during the summer months.  

My post would not be complete without discussing the hiking options, and the hiking options are what I am most excited to go back and explore!  I had a chance to chat with the park ranger, who was patrolling and keeping everyone safe, if there was indeed hiking.  I was almost giddy when he answered with a resounding “Yes!”  From beginner lever, Green Loop, to expert level, Black Loop, Keystone Trails boosts some great hiking opportunities! 

So, wanna know more?  Stay tuned, as plans are in the works to explore this place a lot more very, VERY soon! 



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