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Hiking With Hendrix is owned and operated by myself, Rene’ Savage. I write and edit all my own content, unless specified otherwise, as in the case of a guest contributor.  All photographs are taken myself, or a family member.  Any content found on Hiking With Hendrix website can only be used when given specific permission. For any questions or concerns that you might have related to Hiking With Hendrix,  please contact me @

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While I am not a veterinarian, nor a professional dog trainer, I have been around dogs, extensively, my entire life!  Any suggestions and/or advice given within this website are just that, suggestions.  I always encourage you to follow the advice of your veterinarians and trainers.

By profession, I am a Registered Nurse.  I also hold a certification from National Outdoor Leadership School, NOLS.  This certification is called WUMP; Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals. While I do have training in the medical field, suggestions and advice given within this website are, again, just that, suggestions.  I always encourage you be under the care of a physician, and to  follow the advice of your doctor; including having the approval to participate in activities that might be mentioned on this website.  None of the content contained in this blog is to be taken as final medical advice, nor should it ever replace a doctor’s direction. 

As I do, and have, spent a great deal of time participating in outdoor adventures, and because I am very active with my dogs, I do, on occasion, receive compensation in the way of products to try out, and review on this website.

There are times, also, that I might receive compensation in the way of a hotel room, food, etc.  that I will utilize in our travels and adventures, in exchange for my honest feedback on this website.   I will always give my honest opinion of said products and services.

There may be advertisements in the way of links, on my site, that, if you were to make a purchase through these links, I would get a commission on these sales.  These links will take you to what are called “Affiliate” sites.

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